Whats new in SoftPlan 2022

Release: 2022.4.3

Feature: Quick 3D
Description: ‘Model>Quick 3D’ from a drawing, the 3D view opens with the camera in the wrong location. This has been corrected.

Feature: Go To Room
Description: Model>Go To Room’ from a drawing, the 3D view opens with the camera in the wrong location. This has been corrected.

Feature: Start Page
Description: Improvements have been made to speed up start page processing.

Feature: Annotated Elevation
Description: A specific annotated Elevation could page fault.  This has been corrected.

Release: 2022.4.2

Feature: 3D | Site | Vegetation | Grass Billboards
Description: Paint Vegetation is now uses default of Grass Billboard 1.

Feature: Cursor Options | Auto Line Terminate
Description: The Auto Line Terminate setting now works as intended, where the draw action stops while drawing a line if another line is found within the cursor locate tolerance.

Feature: Dimensions | Saved Elevation/Section Drawings | Marker Lines
Description: When opening saved elevation and section drawings into SoftPlan 2022 that were generated in SoftPlan version 2020, the Elevation Marker Lines can now be dimensioned using the Dimension command.

Feature: Page Fault | Roof Mode | Plan Set Page
Description: Bearing walls could cause a page fault when there was no bearing material at the walls display height.

Feature: Roof on Bay
Description: A roof added to the using the roof on bay command could fail after cleanup.

Feature: SoftList | Symbol Tags | Drawing Library
Description: SoftList formulas dependent on symbol tags fail could fail to report them.

Feature: Startup
Description: Improvements were made to speedup opening SoftPlan when a user has an extremely large number of projects

Feature: Unit Openings
Description: In certain cases the will SoftPlan would incorrectly offset the mullions below the windows within a unit opening

Feature: Startup
Description: If SoftPlan.exe was having connectivity issues with SoftPlan web services, the program could take a very long time to startup.  The startup time has been reduced in this case.

Release: 2022.4.1

Feature: Banding | Crown Mold | Dentil | Profile | Unit Opening
Description: Dentil profiles along a wall with unit openings now display correctly in 3D, even when the profiles are cut by the openings.

Feature: Wall Definition | Section View | Move | Page Fault
Description: Selecting the Move icon in the section view of a wall definition no longer causes a page fault.

Feature: SoftPlan+ | web3d | File
Description: In certain circumstances, if a project is not uploaded to the SoftPlan+ cloud and a web3d link is created, another project that is not uploaded to the cloud will not overwrite the existing link.

Feature: SoftPlan+ | Manufacturer Symbols | Whirlpool
Description: Whirlpool front load washer symbols added.

Feature: SoftPlan+ | Manufacturer Symbols | Whirlpool
Description: Whirlpool top-control dishwasher symbols added.

Feature: Page Fault | Reverse | Drawing
Description: Reversing the main floor plan drawing no longer causes a page fault in some projects.

Feature: Frieze | Deflection
Description: Frieze boards now follow the deflection of wall tops without issue.

Feature: Openings | Doors | Horizontal Hardware Location
Description: The horizontal placement of door hardware has been reduced from 1.75” to 1.25”.

Feature: Block Erase Polygons
Description: Block Erase can now erase polygons such as Areas, Ceilings, Joist Sets, etc.

Release: 2022.4.0

Feature: SoftPlan+ Publish | web3d
Description: New SoftPlan web3d feature added for SoftPlan+ subscribers. While viewing the 3D model, select File > SoftPlan+ Publish > SoftPlan web3d.

Feature: Move | Dimension | Snap
Description: With Cursor Snap turned on, it was possible to move a dimension line in a way that caused it to detach from the objects it was dimensioning. This has been corrected.

Feature: DirectX 12 | Elevations | Export PDF | Print
Description: Annotated elevations display correctly when printing or exporting a PDF using the DirectX 12 renderer.

Feature: Sloped Transition | Wall Profile
Description: Wall profiles on a sloped transition wall extract correctly.

Feature: Embedded SoftList Reports | Cursor Freeze
Description: A drawing tab that has an imported SoftList report no longer updates the report until that tab is visible.

Feature: Page Fault | Embedded SoftList Reports | Windows 11
Description: Adding a SoftList report to a Plan Set page could result in a Page Fault while running Windows 11. This has been corrected.

Feature: Roof Framing | Framing Member | Double Hip
Description: Changes have been made to ensure that the Framing Member command correctly adds two rafters on the gable end of a double hip roof.

Feature: Page Fault | Roof | Accent Truss
Description: Adding an Accent Truss into a Gable End in Roof mode or in 3D could result in a Page Fault. This has been corrected.

Feature: Page Fault | Bay Window | Gable Vent
Description: Selecting a bay window to be a gable vent could result in a Page Fault. This has been corrected.

Feature: Right-click | Cancel Command | Context Menu
Description: Right-click now cancels the current command, even when over an item that can take part in the current command.

Feature: Multi Format Note | Plan Set
Description: Multi Format Notes on a Plat Set page now display when printing even if the Plan Set page with the note is not open in a tab.

Feature: SoftList | Header Lengths
Description: Changes have been made to ensure that SoftList correctly reports the length of headers.

Feature: Revision Schedule | Source Drawings | Note
Description: When adding or editing a Revision Schedule on a drawing, the ‘Generate Revision Schedule Using’ section now displays the options ‘Current Drawing’ and ‘Use Selected Drawings’ in both menus. When adding or editing a Revision Schedule on a Plan Set page, the ‘Generate Revision Schedule Using’ section now displays the options ‘Entire Project’ and ‘Current Page’ in both menus.

Feature: Edit Wall | Wall Definition Menu | Copy
Description: With the Active Layer menu opened and the drawing set to use Custom Drawing Options, SoftPlan would not copy a wall using the Copy button in the Wall Definition menu. This has been corrected.

Feature: Cricket | Roof
Description: The sheathing and shingles on a cricket extract correctly when using any of the four sheathing placement styles.

Feature: Amarr Garage Doors | Opening | Manufacturer
Description: Amarr garage door openings now have the same rough opening size as the garage door size.

Feature: Project | Save
Description: If SoftPlan can’t open an SPP file, a prompt now appears asking the user if they would like to recover the project file if there are recovery files available.

Release 2022.3.4

Feature: Drawing Templates | Save
Description: Drawing templates could not be saved if the Layer/Building Options menus were open. This has been corrected.

Feature: Project Options | User Information Defined Stamps
Description: The menu title for the User Information Defined Stamps menu now appears correctly.

Feature: Nested Region | Move | Lock State
Description: Moving a nested region no longer causes the cursor to lock into the horizontal axis only. Moving a nested region now locks the cursor into the horizontal and vertical axes which can then be fully unlocked using the F12 key.

Feature: User Information Defined Stamps | Note
Description: User Information Defined Stamps created at the system level now carry over to new projects.

Feature: Nested Region | Rotated Openings
Description: Rotating the drawing in a nested region no longer blanks out openings.

Feature: Page Fault | System/Project Options | Layer Setup
Description: SoftPlan caused a Page Fault if the Hide Unused option was selected in the Layer Setup menu of the System or Project Options and the user closed all drawings and then opened the Layer Setup menu. This has been corrected; the Hide Unused option is not applicable when no drawing is opened.

Feature: Wall Join | Butt
Description: Butt joins between walls of two different materials are now correct.

Feature: SoftList | Layout Groups
Description: Changes have been made to ensure that groups can be expanded to allow materials to be added to layouts in SoftList report configurations.

Feature: Nested Destination | Flip Region Vertical Axis
Description: Changes have been made to ensure that items in Nested Destinations display in the correct locations.

Feature: Elevation | DirectX 12 | Sun Shadow Paint
Description: When saving an elevation drawing using the DirectX 12 renderer, the Sun Shadow Paint now generates correctly.

Feature: Interior Elevation Line
Description: When drawing an interior elevation marker, the interior elevation no longer finds walls that are on disabled building options.

Feature: Symbols | Tables | Plan Set
Description: Symbols now appear correctly in tables added directly onto Plan Set pages.

Feature: Decimals in Metric
Description: Dimensions now show decimal mm with no rounding. The Show Fractions toggle shows or hides any decimal value. Also, Symbol Previews now show the symbol’s dimensions as whole numbers rounded to the nearest mm.

Feature: Configure Library | Cabinets | Edit Dialog
Description: When editing a cabinet product code definition, the Edit dialog was showing the “Unequal Legs (Blind Corner) and “Side Depths” labels overlapping, even if the labels should not be visible. This has been corrected.

Feature: Open File | Windows Explorer | File Association
Description: Projects with a dash (-) or slash (/) in the file name now successfully open.

Feature: Cabinet Fill | Cabinet Box
Description: The inner cabinet box edges no longer show through the front fill surface in sections and interior elevations.

Feature: 3D | Animation | Save As
Description: If an error occurs when saving an animation, the message will state that there was an error saving the WMV file. Previously the message stated that there was an error saving the AVI file.

Feature: Nested Regions | Move | Cursor Snap
Description: When placing nested regions with the Cursor Snap on, the placement is now precise.

Feature: Move | Cursor Angle Lock | Cursor Snap
Description: When using Move and Block Move, the cursor angle lock no longer overrides snap points that are within tolerance.

Feature: Notes | Pointers | Copy
Description: Notes and pointers copy properly when selected using CTRL > Select or CTRL as a box.

Feature: SoftList | Length | Wall Plates
Description: During material generation, SoftList now checks to see if the bottom of the opening touches the bottom plate. If the bottom of the opening does touch the bottom plate, the bottom plate will not be clipped. If the bottom of the opening is lower than the bottom plate, the bottom plate will be clipped.

Release 2022.3.3

Feature: Nested Region | Walls | Update
Description: Walls properly update when regenerating nested destination regions.

Feature: Elevations | Roof | Extra Lines
Description: Saving elevation views with steep roofs (11” pitch or greater) as SoftPlan drawings no longer generate extra lines around the gable edges and ridge line.

Feature: Cabinet Elevations
Description: On certain drawings, SoftPlan could not switch from Area Mode to other Modes if the drawing contained elevation cabinets with invalid dimensions. This has been corrected. Additionally, SoftPlan no longer tries to draw elevation cabinet faces if the cabinet dimensions are invalid.

Feature: Note Pointers | Outline
Description: Note Pointers properly attach to the outline of a note, as well as the note itself.

Feature: Repeat Edit (Box) | Repeat Edit (Polygon)
Description: Changes have been made to ensure that Repeat Edit (Box) and Repeat Edit (Polygon) properly work on all items.

Feature: Accent Truss Deadlock
Description: SoftPlan locked up if the spacing of vertical accent trusses was set to zero. This has been corrected and the ability to set accent truss spacing to zero has been blocked.

Feature: Repeat Edit (Box) | Roof on Bay | Page Fault
Description: Page Faults no longer occur when performing a Repeat Edit (Box) on a roof on bay.

Feature: Right-click Crash
Description: Crashes no longer occur when using the right-click context menu.

Feature: DirectX 12 | Page Fault
Description: Page Faults no longer occur due to memory resource management issues while using the DirectX 12 renderer.

Feature: Nested Regions | Source Region
Description: SoftPlan now ignores existing nested regions and entities assigned to regions while creating a new source region.

Feature: Visible Items | Paint In Symbols
Description: “Paint In Symbols” can now be properly enabled and disabled in the Visible Items menu for all drawing modes.

Feature: Nested Regions | Paint | Resync
Description: Resyncing nested regions displays paint correctly.

Feature: Wall | Frieze Board | Inset
Description: Inset frieze boards no longer ignore soffits and appear correctly.

Feature: Roof | Match Roof Planes
Description: The Match Roof Planes command no longer labels the incorrect roof as dominant.

Feature: Log Walls | Extensions | Move
Description: Extension lines remain correctly placed after moving a log wall.

Feature: Footing Section | Dialog
Description: The Footing Section edit dialog (Draw > Detail > Section Detail > Footing) displayed the Width label as ‘&Width.’ This has been corrected.

Feature: SoftList | Library Pricing Table | Price Options
Description: The SoftList Symbol Pricing Libraries no longer show blank price options.

Feature: Schedules | Reset to Default Sort Order
Description: A ‘Reset to Default Sort Order’ command has been added to the right-click selection menu for all tables and schedules.

Feature: Roof Framing | Add Truss Hip Set | Deadlock
Description: SoftPlan could lock up when truss hip sets were added to a drawing. This has been corrected and trusses generate correctly.

Feature: Notes | Outline | Pointers
Description: The Move Block command does not misplace pointers that are attached to box outlines around notes.

Feature: Nested Region | Resync | Undo | Duplicated Items
Description: Nested Source Regions no longer duplicate their entities after a resync and undo of the destination region that contains a room.

Feature: Roof | 3D | Accent Truss | Bottom Deflection
Description: Accent trusses in 3D could display incorrectly when increasing the Bottom Deflection. This has been corrected.

Feature: Roof | Stacked Dutch Gable | Profile
Description: Stacked Dutch Gables set to use profiles in the gable end now generate the full gable end area in 3D.

Feature: Roof | Accent Truss
Description: Accent trusses with a height of zero for the bottom chord and set to a deflection generate correctly in 3D.

Feature: UHD Monitors | Notes
Description: Notes have been scaled to display properly on UHD monitors.

Feature: Roof | False Gables | Valley Lines
Description: Top-down elevation views correctly save the valley lines of false gables again.

Release 2022.3.1

Feature: 3D | Texture | Alignment
Description: Fails on the high side of a shed roof on a particular project.

Feature: Annotated Infinite Loop
Description: On a particular project open the main floor, then open the front elevation and turn on annotated SoftPlan will lock up.

Feature: Area hatch
Description: Opening a project from 2020 that has visible area hatch will disable the hatch in 2022.

Feature: Area Menu Non Ribbons
Description: Area menu is blank in area mode when not using ribbon menus.

Feature: desk cabinet
Description: Symbols are not properly cutting desk cabinet boxes.

Feature: Elevation | Roof Pitch Label
Description: The Left and Right views of a particular project will create Roof Pitch Labels when the Annotated elevations are saved that shoot off of the bottom of the drawing. The elevations face the roof plane, not the gable ends.

Feature: Framing Mode | Dimensions/Extensions
Description: Extensions are being removed from Framing Mode if the drawing is switched to Roof Mode and them back to Framing Mode.

Feature: frieze board
Description: On a particular project except for the gable end area, all other frieze boards are sitting up too high.

Feature: Frieze Board | Angled Walls
Description: The frieze board is not generating for some angled walls on a particular project.

Feature: Install | VC++ Redistributable
Description: Some Systems can’t see Sketchup files in 3D. In the Install, replace the 2015 and 2017 VC++ Redistributables with the 2015-2017-2019 Redistributable.

Feature: Max Span | Ceiling Joists | Spacing
Description: When using a 19.2″ Spacing for Ceiling Joists, we’re getting an error in the edit menu that ‘Spacing of 19.2″ not in span table’

Feature: Misc | Blit
Description: If a drawing has only one item in a selection set the one item in the set does not display in a blit (copy, move).

Feature: PDF | Plan Set | Overlap | Title Block
Description: When importing a PDF as an image directly onto a Plan Set page, it now appears to white out the title block where they overlap. Previously the contents of the title block would still be visible.

Feature: Page Fault | Edit Beam
Description: Edit a beam length value so that its length is less than the join tolerance. Instead of pushing enter or anything use the mouse to click on the beam height value. SoftPlan will page fault

Feature: Page Fault | Print Planset Page
Description: If you print the Site Plan planset page SoftPlan will page fault.

Feature: Potlight Cutting | Ceiling | Electrical
Description: Potlights do not always cut ceilings.

Feature: Railing | End Post | Elevation/Cross Section
Description: Railings with a half post generate an extra line through the length of the half post in elevation and cross-section.

Feature: Railing | Half Posts | Elevations
Description: Railing end posts set to a Half Post will appear as a full post in an Elevation or Section view.

Feature: Right Click Close Page Fault
Description: If you have 2 SoftPlan windows open. and in the main window save an elevation as a SPD drawing. While that is in progress (Save as dialog open works), right click on the tab for the drawing in the other SoftPlan window and choose close. It will close the drawing that we are doing a save as on and therefore cause a page fault.

Feature: Roof
Description: If two roofs cross, we are no longer displaying the red dashed intersect lines.

Feature: Roof | Hip Return | Profile
Description: When using a Hip Return in a Gable and the sides are using a Profile, the Hip Returns aren’t generating correctly.

Feature: Save As SPD
Description: If you have 2 SoftPlan windows open and you save an elevation as an SPD. While the progress dialog is open if you right click on the top menu car of the other window and select Maximize or Minimize or Restore there is a good chance that the progress dialog will lock up.

Feature: Shutdown page fault
Description: In the taskbar if you right click on the SoftPlan icon and select close window. and repeat that again while SoftPlan is shutting down SoftPlan will sometimes crash while shutting down.

Feature: Softlist Config | Fault
Description: When going File->Project Options->Softlist Report configurations. When picking a report configuration, we can fault while opening the config dialog.
Stair Headroom Clearance Hole | Floor System 20.3.1 The ‘Draw>Stair Headroom Clearance Hole’ command in Floor System mode isn’t generating a hole in the floor system when selecting the stair in the overlay from the floor below.

Feature: Symbol Cache Read Error
Description: There is a symbol cache read error that causes an infinite loop in certain circumstances.

Feature: Vertical Wall Profile
Description: In a particular project, the vertical wall profile is not aligning correctly between floors at the corners under the gable ends.

Feature: Wall Frieze Board
Description: The wall frieze board is extended outside the building in a particular project.

Feature: Wall join
Description: In a particular project if you disable the Default layer and enable it again, the walls all separate.

Feature: Wall Profile | Gable
Description: In a particular project SoftPlan does not align the vertical wall profile correctly in half of the gable end.

Feature: Wall | Friese Board | Separate Roof Sections
Description: The frieze board applied to a wall will cut short if the roof is generated from two different roof sections.