SoftPlan 3D

Using SoftPlan, 3D renderings are quick and easy to create. The resulting images are professional and accurate, helping you to improve customer relations and increase sales.

“We wanted to make more professional, more realistic presentations, so we began investigating the wide variety of CAD software programs for remodelers and builders.
We chose SoftPlan because it looked like a system that we could integrate into our daily activities without months of training.
We were right; within days, we were able to print floor plans and elevations of room additions.”

Gregory Geisler — R.A. Kalfas Home Improvement, Inc.

Sell Your Design

  • stylized renderings
  • immersive interiors and exteriors
  • artistic rendering styles such as sketched, watercolor, clay model and more
  • export directly to Lumion®
  • export directly to SketchUp®

Create High Quality Renderings

  • advanced shadows
  • reflections
  • sun studies
  • indirect lighting
  • photorealistic graphics

Faster Results

  • automatic model generation
  • time saving tools
  • instant design feedback

Lumion direct export allows subscribers to seamlessly leverage Lumion's rendering capabilities.

SoftPlan+ web3d

SoftPlan web3d models can be viewed and navigated on PC, phone, or tablet. This feature allows you to publish 3D models directly to the web to be viewed by anyone you wish. Once published, we create a link to your web3d page which we host on our site. Anyone you share this link with can view and explore your project without needing to download and install any additional software.

explore any SoftPlan 3d model from any web enabled device | click the image to give it a try

Exclusive to SoftPlan subscribers and SoftPlan+ subscribers.