SoftPlan Font Installer

Download SoftPlan Font Installer

Compatible with SoftPlan Version 12.5.2 or above.

SoftTalk SAPI 5 Speech Recognition Engine

To use SoftTalk with SoftPlan versions 13.3.4+ please download and install the SAPI 5 Speech Recognition engine.

Download SAPI 5

Disclaimer: SoftPlan download files are distributed and provided "AS IS" and with no guarantee of any kind

SoftPlan Micro Key Driver

Download and install the key driver on the the computer system that will have the key plugged into it. SoftPlan Hasp Key Driver
Reboot the system.

For SoftPlan 2018 and newer users with a micro key.

SafeNet Utilities

Sentinel System Driver cleanup tools to completely clean driver entries from 32bit & 64bit Windows operating systems.

SSD Cleanup Utility for Windows (64-bit)

SSD Cleanup Utility for Windows (32-bit)

These utilities should only be installed under the direction of SoftPlan Technical Support.