1. Will SoftPlan work with drawing files that are stored on a SharePoint site that is synced down to a user’s computer? The SharePoint site is listed in Windows Explorer.

  2. I recently purchase Softplan 2022. Regarding Dimension Lines: On this version my Dimension Lines are extending well beyond the Extension Lines. Is there a way to shorten the distance that the Dimension Lines extends beyond the Extension Lines on my drawings? I would like the Dimension Lines to extend only 1-2 inches (on scale), but they are extending more like 6-9 inches (on scale).

  3. Is the smallest PDF line thickness 0.10 for version 2022?
    I have my paint pen set to 0.05 but when I output to pdf it still shows 0.10 thickness.

    I show siding on my elevations as a lighter/thinner line.

    Version 2014 PDF output line thickness was working however can’t seem to get the same results with 2022.


  4. Does anyone have experience drawing an unfinished basement remodel? I have a few questions when it comes to using the block wall, adding a partition wall and then windows/doors. Thanks!

  5. Just downloaded 2018 on another computer. Openings, symbols and textures not loading. Another thing can’t find any of my drawings that were saved.

  6. We are trying to import .CAD files into Softplan (2020) and are getting messages saying “Entries discarded #XXXX”. Typically we get 1 random line or 1 piece of text that will import. We haven’t had many issues like this before and have asked the company sending us the .CAD files to save in different versions, with no luck. Is there a way to get the files to show up? Thanks!

      • Hi John!

        That’s just it…I have no idea where to start. I’m helping a friend, that uses Soft Plan, and I’d like to know if there are any preferred integrations over others. I’m an IT Manager so I know the tech better than the industry.

        I’m thinking, ideally, that we use an approved estimator program. Thanks!

  7. In version 2022, is there a way to change where the window dimensions show up on the elevations? They are in the center of the window which makes them hard to read. 2020 had them below the window. I have not found a setting for this. Thanks for your time.

  8. Is there any way to change or adjust the interface style or background colors etc.?

    Previous versions had a “style” either black, blue, aqua and silver option that you you can change in system options. Seems to be missing from the 2022 version. The overall desktop interface is a fairly white colored and not much contrast.

    As well the floating menu bars are still rather small and being able to adjust the size would be beneficial for 4K monitor resolutions.

    Thank you.

    • The style option was removed because we use a user interface library from Microsoft. They removed it from their latest version and so unfortunately we lost the feature.

  9. I’m a Cad Tech. at Bob Chatham Custom Home Design. we recently move to 2022 softplan from the 2020 version. The lag time for actions is extremely slow. I talked to some of the senior Softplan users about the issue with no result any suggestions an how to speed up the program and all functions.

  10. How do I add more commands to the tool bar, such as copy block, repeat edit block, and many other? I good do that in previous versions.

  11. Hello, I just got an Microsoft Surface Pro LTE Advanced , Windows 10 pro, Intel Core i5 Processor, 256GB/ GO 2, 8GB/ Go Ram. Model 1807. Will this run the program , mainly for Pole barn design

  12. What Scale is the drawing when you export it as a dwg?
    Do you have to export it as a plan set or just export your drawing as a dwg?

  13. Have the Softplan 2020 version. How do you get a outside elevation without it showing all the interior walls and doors. It is a mess

  14. Have been running SP 11.2.1 on a Windows ME computer that has died.
    I put the installation disk in a Windows 7 laptop. It didn’t install on the hard drive. The prompt was to open the folder to view files.
    Clicked on the SP Folder, and received error message to install a Key Driver. Installed a new Key Driver.
    Now I install the cd, click on the SP folder (with key installed), the program opens and is usable.
    It seems I’m running the program from the CD drive. It is not listed in my hard drive directory.
    Program appears fully functional with the exception of being able to print. The Position Print Window button doesn’t work.
    Seems this was a problem on some other operating systems. Is there a solution?
    I have a Windows 10 laptop without a cd drive and an XP desktop with one if either of those would be a better choice.

  15. i just upgraded to version 2020 and i am having two issues.
    1: when creating a electrical plan in my old version you could have a 3 gang switch or can lights as a button you could select from the tool bar. now in version 2020 i add those same button to the tool bar and they all open the same thing! how do i fix that.
    2: everything in the help menu say you can create a auto sloped windows and when you install a auto sloped window it will prompt you to select the height of both side. for some reason i get no options to do that when i install that unit. does that unit have to be installed in the model to do it? or if i add that to a 2d drawings will it not slope

  16. We have some drawings that were created on the high school’s educational version that we want to open at home.
    How do we open them?

  17. I had the hardest time upgrading to SP2020 because my Surface Book does not have a CD-ROM drive in it, and I could not get my desk top at work to extract the files from the disk in order to put them on a flash drive. So I had to go out and buy a external Rom drive for my surface, $50 for some thing that won’t be used for another 24 months. Any way now that I have upgraded I noticed on the site plan I do not have the option to import Google Earth Topo info. Need an explanation for this. Which brings me to my second question. When I was watching the Friday Fundamentals on importing the Google Earth info, to make sure I was doing things correctly, I noticed that the instructor was able to drag and drop Items that he wanted to move on his plans, for example the north arrow. When I click on a symbol to move it I am only allowed to move it horizontally or vertically at a time. How can I change the setting or were do I change the setting to be able to drag and drop symbols in SP?

    • Im using the educational version on Parellels on my mac and the dimensions or move tools dont seem to work. It just defaults to the last item you wee using, Eg, I create a wall, then click on the move icon and click to move the wall, then it just creates another wall. Same with dimensions. Is this a known problem, Just downloaded today. I never have this problem at school where I use the program on a PC.

  18. Will the latest version of softplan run on the 2019 chrome books. I am looking at your software I am a current Revit user but feel your new software will fit my needs better. I would also like to know it your can do light commercial designs with this software also.

  19. I am a current Softplan + user. I have not yet upgraded to 2020.
    How to I go about completing this upgrade no? I no longer see the prompt for it when the program initially opens.

  20. I can not uninstall softplan 2018. I am using 2020 now. When i try uninstall it goes into an install setup.

    • I clicked the “install” button and it continued to uninstall, anyway. It’s just poor oversite and editing of words on their part.

  21. hello, I have softplan 2014 that I upgrade in 2016. I try to import sketchup symbols in Softplan and I still have an error message saying: “The SketchUp file could not be read.Please ensure the file is saved in SketchUp Version 8 or earlier But it’s not possible. What should I do?

    • The SketchUp file that you are trying to import is newer than the version of SoftPlan that you are trying to import it in to. You need to either get an older Sketchup file or a newer version of SoftPlan.

  22. Is there a way to change the mouse DPI when using Softplan? I notice that my cursor moves far slower when I am in Softplan compared to when not in Softplan.

    • I found this on the Technical Support FAQs but you may want to contact them direct:
      My cursor moves around the SoftPlan drawing area on its own and is very difficult to control.
      The random cursor movement on the SoftPlan drawing area problem typically happens on systems with multiple monitors when the monitors have different graphic capabilities. The first thing to try is make sure SoftPlan starts up and runs on the primary monitor. If this fails to correct the issue then do the following. Exit SoftPlan, and on your Windows Desktop right click on the SoftPlan shortcut icon and select Properties. On the Compatibility tab select the option “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

  23. Can imported PDF files be converted to the associated lines/notes/icons so that they are editable like AUTOCAD does?

    • PDFs currently import as static files. The conversion to lines/notes … is underdevelopment and will be included in an upcoming version.

  24. Hi! I installed Softplan Remodel and the patch. I want to Download the additional content but failed. What can I do?

  25. Hello Softplan, Currently I’m in retirement but recently we decided to add to our home. No problem I will just light up my old CAD and as-built the design an enlarge the foot print, floor plan, roof plan, x section and the works. For some reason I can not find the program on my drives. There is a file under Softplan called recovery but can’t find the drawing page anywhere. Can you help me? Retired in 2010, version 10 I think. Been a long time but I need to make some prints for permits. Have accumulated 3 keys to date, My original install came on 5.5″ floppies. Updates came on 3.5″ discs.

    Thanks, Pete

    • Pete,
      There is not a lot to go on here. Typically your drawings would be located at C:/SoftPlan10/Projects/Pete’s House but if you can’t find them there I suggest that you make a post to our users group at https://ww2.softplan.com/forum/, they are great ay helping out with old versions.

  26. where do I go and what section do I need to read up on to draw a 1;12 wheel chair ramp,,, someone please help.. I have version 14

  27. Will Softplan have any support for 4K monitors in the near future?
    Specifically the drawing ribbon menus being extremely tiny even with “large toolbar” set in systems options.


    • I just print my file with a pdf print file program. You can decide size, etc just like in softplan but it saves as a pdf.

    • If you did a new installation it’s possible what you are seeing is the symbols generating their preview images. It only happens the first time a library is opened on a new install.

  28. I have design in Sketchup Pro 2017 (.skb files). Is SoftPlan capable of importing this type of files? Thanks.

    • Yes – SoftPlan can import Sketchup files. The SketchUp file imports as a “symbol” in SoftPlan. We typically see SketchUp files used to import models of items like furniture as opposed to entire models.

  29. I have drawn several sets of plans with different wall types, 2×6, 2×4, 2 hr fire rated etc. I would like to add symbols so that I can ID these walls on the plans without having to draw a new symbol every time. how do I save new symbols to my symbol library?

  30. I have an old version of softplan 7.1, my old 486 computer finally called it quits. I have 20 years of drawings on the old computer and purchased a “new” old computer but i need the install disc’s for softplan version 7.1, 7.1 is a DOS based software and not compatible with newer windows based software. Is there any way for you to send me a file with the install software for 7.1
    Any help would be appreciated. I did by a newer version but never used it because of the incompatibility.

    Thanks, Denis

  31. Hi,

    Could some body from technical support get intouch please.
    When i try to download Softplan it doesnt accept my key to login to download page.
    Also if you could send me the Download link please.

    I am having problem since some of the windows update performed Operating System Update.
    so Now when i try to Launch softplan software it gives me error message of following .dll files are not compatable.
    spcore.dll and spres.dll
    Any help will be much appreciated.

  32. Simpson Strong Tie has a auto cad file with detail drawings for their mounting hardware so that it can be added to Autocad. Will this file work with my Soft Plan 2018 program or will I have to draw those details into my projects?

    • If the details are in .DWG format than they can be imported into SoftPlan 2018. If you are a SoftPlan+ subscriber the Simpson Strong Tile details are included in your detail library.

    • Yes it works, you have to install the most recent version 13.34 and 13.40 patches followed by the Sentinel Protection Installer 7.63 all available on softplan’s support site

  33. If I upgrade and get a monthly subscription to softplan + and decide in two years that we want to stop drawing, do we keep whatever latest version/upgrade we’re using or do we revert to the originally purchased 2016 module?

    • If you cancel a SoftPlan+ subscription you revert to the version that you started on. If you upgrade on payments then once the payments are complete you are on that version.

  34. I’m sure that this has been covered, but I can’t find anything on it…I want to make the drawing options the default for system options. I could swear that in pervious versions maybe SP13 or 14 there was a way to do this, but now…can’t find it!

  35. Hi!
    I made a drawing with Autocad architecture 2015 but my architect is using SoftPlan 2016… She tried to import my file but all walls were gone. I tried saving my drawing in ACAD using different format but not sure what to use… and .spd or .spp are not among the options.
    Can you, please, help?
    Thank you!!!!

  36. Anyway to get paint to cleanup via “control c” as in older versions?

    Basically you need to edit it then highlight “regenerate” in order for it to cleanup.



  37. I am getting a warning 850: Softplan key needs to perform a status check. I have 29 days remaining before the key stops working. All our computers are connecting to the internet and Softplan was woking fie a fw days ago. How do I fix this problem?

  38. Hey guys, I’ve been working with sales but I was wondering if you could answer some technical questions for me.

    I’m trying to figure out if things like the Material Definitions and other objects (custom created) could be stored on a shared drive on our server so that we could share them and update them simultaneously.

    Also wondering if we had the network license if another user over a VPN could use the product (assuming we had enough licenses)

    • If you’re an existing user please contact support directly. If you’re not a user yet please contact sales and they will get you set up with someone that can answer your questions.

  39. I have existing conditions drawings in PDF format. Does anyone know if “2016” can import them and automatically generate a Softplan DWG?

  40. Has version 2016 addressed the Blurry/Fuzzy text issue when zoomed out? Seems to be a difference between 2014 and 2016
    versions! 2014 text appears crisp and readable however 2016 (trial version) appears fuzzy or blurred! Looking to upgrade.


    • According to the posts this is an issue previously addressed. Until the text and dimensions are fixed I will have to wait to upgrade.

        • It may be functioning as intended but it’s a deal breaker for me! When you spend extended periods on the screen,
          eye strain and fatigue become paramount! Simply put, the text on 2014 is clear and legible zoomed out as well as zoomed in. As mentioned the text on version 2016 is in my opinion “Greeked” (as in the older Dos versions)!
          Totally unacceptable. Softplan is a fantastic program, but has dropped the ball on this issue and needs to rectify this. “Greeked text was a feature you could turn on or off on the older software! (Perhaps a performance issue on older computers)

  41. i have this error code : error 712: softplan has detected that the system clock is set to a time earlier than the time the key was last used.

    but the time is correct. my key number is l101484 and key state 4ugt-ger9-neue-az9e

  42. I need to digitally sign my documents for the local building department. normal pdf’s I simply go to the tools bar and down load the certificate. The Softplan pdf document does not seem to have the pull down for certificates, Where would I find it so I may insert my certificate?

  43. I am trying to scale my drawings. I have a plan set that auto scaled to 1/8″=1′-0″ would like to change to 3/16″ or 1/4″=1’0″ Even if I have to cut off part of the drawing that is fine. Thanks

    • The scale of the drawing can be changed via the Edit command. If the resulting image is too large for the paper use the Crop command to reduce the size.

  44. I have Softplan 14 that I run on a Windows 7 desktop without issue. When I installed it on my Windows Surface Pro4 the key doesn’t look like it’s recognized. By that I mean the light doesn’t come on and the program doesn’t work. Should version 14 work on a windows 10 machine?

  45. I am working on an office building for a Doctor friend of mine. Is there storefront windows and doors available for commercial buildings,
    or a downloadable file that would add them to the program? Thank you for your help.

  46. What needs to be done to get the “corner window” to join at the corner. I’ve tried changing wall joins, frame offset, width, thickness height offset . . . I got it to join up once in a 3D by moving the window over, but never again. The window can’t be moved into the corner in the plan view!


    • You may want to contact technical support but this is from the support FAQ:
      My cursor moves around the SoftPlan drawing area on its own and is very difficult to control.
      The random cursor movement on the SoftPlan drawing area problem typically happens on systems with multiple monitors when the monitors have different graphic capabilities.  The first thing to try is make sure SoftPlan starts up and runs on the primary monitor.  If this fails to correct the issue then do the following. Exit SoftPlan, and on your Windows Desktop right click on the SoftPlan shortcut icon and select Properties. On the Compatibility tab select the option “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

  47. OK, I ordered the Softplan + as an upgrade to my version 13.x. Now what happens? I did not receive any instruction on how to proceed. Do I need a new Key? Do I use the same key I have? Isn’t this an online version? or is it a combination of online and offline software. Not very much information is given on what to expect next and when to expect it.

    • The version that you are upgrading is old enough that you will be shipped a new key and manual. You will receive an installation DVD or you can download online at https://ww2.softplan.com/?page_id=2685. You may want to check your email filters for an email with your tracking number on it. Good luck with the installation – you’re going to love the new version.

  48. OK, I am new to softplan 2016 and have a few Drawings. But I cant figure out how to E-Mail them to someone. I’m sure its easy but I guess I’m missing something here. Ive been building for 40 yrs. Thanks for any help

    • You don’t say what format you’re looking for but all of the export/send options are located under the file menu (the logo in the upper left corner). Look about 2/3 of the way down the menu and you’ll see the Export, Send To, reView, and Publish selections. You can send as a SoftPlan file, a PDF, DWG, DXF, SKP…

  49. Is there a way to transfer my span tables from my 2012 version to my new updated 2014 software without having to hand enter them again?

  50. I emailed DWG files to an architect but he is unable to open. He is usiing an older version LT2012 autocad.
    Is there any way I can use the same DWG files and convert them to an older version for him to download?
    Thanks for any help!
    James Hill

  51. I have just installed Softplan trial. How do I change the units from imperial to metric as default. I am in South Africa.


  52. I purchased version 13 sometime ago. After purchasing a new computer I noticed that it loaded version 12.5.3. Why is that? This version does not operate, specifically the print window, with Windows 7. Your site will not allow me to install version 13 patches, therefore indicating that I do not have version 13 installed. I have all the books for 13 including softlist but version 12 disk. how can you correct this? this is really causing issues with printing.
    Thanks for your help

  53. Hi I am running trial version educational copy of softplan for my architecture highschool project, however i am unable to print my drawing? Help please

    • The free trial has full dimension capability, you should give our office a call at 800-248-0164 so they can help you get the dimensions straightened out.

  54. Is version 2016 upgrade worth the money for a small new residential contractor (20-35 projects/yr.) ? Mainly use software to draw floor-plans for construction use, and use 3D viewing for customer service reasons. Would like to be more fluent with softlist, and also how to link program with quickbooks.

  55. How can I change the ‘line-scale’ to better show dashed lines on larger drawings in Softplan 11?

    • Version 11 is very old so not sure if this control is available or not. Edit the line, under appearance see “Style Scale”.

  56. with ver.14 – is there a way to form a wall in order to draw an a frame style house/cabin? I am ok with regular walls, just not sure where/what to do to get the wall formed into an a frame wall for the outsides of the cabin.

  57. Is there a way with softplan 14 to get a wall in the shape to draw an a frame type structure? If so, what menu or where should I look?

  58. We have been using Softplan 12 for a long time, love it, but understand that we need to upgrade to stay current.
    In a few weeks we will be testing some new hardware to see if this is what we want our new workstations to be. Is there a way to “test” the new version of Softplan for 21 day or 14 days to see if the hardware and software updates are going to work together and work for our company?
    Even if it is a limited version of the newest program, is there a 30 day download …or something like that to try?
    Appreciate your prompt response.

  59. If not running Softlist, Is a dual core i7 processor suitable with good performance for running Softplan and 3D simultaneously?

    • The processor should be fine but it more about the video, see below.

      Graphics (Video) Card

      Minimum: DirectX11 support, 512 MB dedicated RAM.

      Preferred: DirectX 11 support, 1 GB+ dedicated RAM. The higher the number of pixel shaders, vertex shaders, and stream processors the better the resulting 3D performance will be in all modes but Rendered. SoftPlan Rendered mode uses the CPU and not the graphics card, and this is where the multiple cores will really come into play.

      Exclusions: Workstation class graphics cards, such as the Quadro series, are generally not recommended as they tend to deliver poor performance when used with SoftPlan, which is designed to take advantage of features provided by so called ‘gaming’ cards, features which most workstation cards lack.

  60. Help!!!

    My Softplan program is telling me I no longer have Softplan Review.
    I pay the monthly $40 subscription. What’s going on?

    SMS Design LLC

  61. How do I change from new construction drawing to renovation to draw existing and show new wall location (revovation details).

  62. Trying to email floor plans to myself and / or clients. System tells me that it does not have a valid email account set up. How and where is this done?

    • In SoftPlan, you first need to Publish a project (File > SoftPlan+ > Publish.
      When going through the dialog to publish a project you will be prompted for an email address.
      An email will be sent to that address with a link.
      Follow that link to sign up with a password.
      Use that password to login using the reView viewer and the published project will then be accessible to you.

  63. When using a truss with an energy heel how can I generate a elevation without showing a gap between the top of the wall & the u/s of soffit?

    • Try changing the “Top of Top Plate to Bottom of Fascia” value, it’s how the roof is lowered/raised relative to the walls.

  64. I currently own version 14.4.4 and my system is being held hostage to upgrade to Windows 10. Is my version compatible with windows 10?

  65. I have a new computer Winows 10. I loaded soft plan successfully. However, it will not open old drawings. It says my old drawings were made with a newer version. Please help

  66. I installed Softplan 13 on Windows 10 Home and updated patches thru SP1340ProPatch. Unfortunately I get “error 208: Softplan Key issue. Please varify the correct driver is installed and the key is plugged into your computer”. The usb port works with several other devices (mouse, HDD, iphone, etc) and the key works in two other computers (non win 10). Please help…

    • From SoftPlan’s FAQ:
      SoftPlan 13.3.4 or earlier will run in Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

  67. I have 2014. If I purchase the subscription for Softplan+ and decide 2 years from now to stop my subscription (end my business or other), will I still be able to run the version I was running at the date of termination or will it go away altogether?

    • If a subscription is stopped you can either revert to the version you started at, in your case 2014, or upgrade to the current version.

  68. I just received a message when I started softplan 14.4.4
    Today It said you have 27 days before you need to activate
    Should I be concerned? I bought a new computer & switched to windows 10 about 30 days ago
    I loaded softplan 14.4.4 onto it with my usb key c181167

    • It sounds like you may have an internet connection problem. The message should go away after starting SoftPlan while connected to the internet.

  69. I am running ver 14.4.4. Installed Microsoft 10, now my cursor is going all over the place, tried different mouse with same problem. Only does this in softplan

    • Please try is the following: Right click on the SoftPlan icon from your Windows Desktop and select Properties. From the Compatibility Tab, select the option “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

      • I have the same problem of the cursor moving around. I have installed 14 with all patches and have attempted the fix suggested. However after right clicking on the shortcut icon and selecting properties I do not have a compatibility tab. My computer is a Asus with a windows 10 operating system.

  70. I have 2014 running on Mac with Windows 10. I just tried to open a previous project and it doesn’t open. Any thoughts?

  71. We have a version of Softplan, I believe version 12. Will this run on a new Mac Book Pro? Trying to figure out if Softplan is compatible with IOS. Thanks.

  72. SP 2014, Windows 10
    Why do dimension numbers move to places where I don’t want them when adding electrical connections or when adding an arrow near a dimension number?


    • There is code that try to ensure that items do not overlap. That might be it but you should probably check with support to see if the behavior you are seeing is expected.

  73. I ordered Softplan 2016 about three months ago. I love it, but am having troubles with adding in symbols. I feel like I don’t have the amount of symbols as I should have. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the downloading of the Softplan extra content CD? I can see all of the available symbols, but do not have access to them.

    • As a new purchase you should have access to all symbols including those contained in the SoftPlan+ folders. I suspect your installation did not finish properly. Please create a support ticket so the staff can work through this with you.

  74. I got a new computer running Windows 8.1 and I loaded Softplan Version 14.4.4 onto it. I am having trouble with the mouse being jumpy not being able to click on a certain spot on the drawing. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue??

    • Please try this:
      Right click Desktop icon, select Properties, go to the Compatibility tab and enable Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

  75. Trying to open a drawing created Softplan13 (windows XP) in new version of Softplan 2016 (windows 8), the drawing is viewable through preview but will not open on the drawing screen. Any suggestions.

  76. My computer crashed and I went to reload my Version 14.4.2 and it will not load. Took computer to a repair shop and he said there is something wrong with CD. My key # is C136381. Can you please advise me what to do. Thank you.

  77. Softplan 2012 Lite
    Multi Drawings does not respond. Is this not active for Lite?
    Trying to place plans on sheet with Border.
    One additional question– will review work with Lite? (need to send files in pdf for printer)

  78. I am trying to get an imported DXF file onto my title block page using the multi-drawings function ( I have already imported it and have saved it). When I do place it on the title block page,it is so small that I cannot see it…even if I enlarge the scale to 1000. Can you tell me how to explode the drawing so that is is visible on my title block page.

    • You should contact the guys in technical support. They’re probably going to ask for the drawing so they can see what’s going on.

  79. I have imported a DXF file and am trying to place the drawings on my title block page. When I use the multi-drawing function, it imports the drawing but it is so small that I cannot see it….even if I change the scale to 1000. Can you tell me how to explode the DXF drawings so that it is visible on my title block page.

    • You should contact the guys in technical support. They’re probably going to ask for the drawing so they can see what’s going on.

    • A SoftPlan reView login and password is only required to view SoftPlan+ Projects which have been published using the SoftPlan program.

      When a SoftPlan+ project is published, the project recipient will receive an email from SoftPlan, not the project publisher, which includes a link to a reView account creation webpage. The project recipient’s email address serves as their login.

      Once a password is selected the account will be activated and the login and password can then be used to access published projects within the SoftPlan reView viewer. It is only necessary to create an account once, and once created all projects that are published to that account will be available in the viewer.

      Projects which have not been published, such as those sent as email attachments or as files on a CD, DVD or flash drive, do not require a login and can be viewed by using the Open command within SoftPlan.

  80. I bought a PC without an optical drive. Is there a way to download Softplan or do I need to buy an external drive? I thought about trying to install from the trial version but wasn’t sure how to register it officially. Thanks!

  81. For some reason when I window over an object to move or copy I can not see what is being selected. I tried going into the system options to assign a color for highlight, but that is not working. I need to know how to assign a color to my window box.

    Michael Goolsby

  82. Version 2014……..when I dimension a wall to the center, the line at the center of the wall, between dimensions, is not there? how do I turn that on?

    • Yes you can. You will receive credit for the Lite. Give sales a call in the morning and they can help you out with the exact costs.

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