Training CDs & DVDs


The SoftPlan Training CDs & DVDs offer comprehensive, step-by-step explanations of SoftPlan drawing tools and customization techniques. Created by our technical support staff, these DVDs will help you kick start the learning process or teach you advanced design skills.


The Introductory Training DVD is designed for beginners. The videos cover the creation of a simple house plan by teaching you how to draw and edit in both 2D and 3D. It also provides a general overview of generating elevations and cross sections. Price: $145.00 Click here to order online


The Intermediate Training DVD is best suited for those who are comfortable with the basics of SoftPlan. This DVD is faster paced than the Introductory Training DVD and emphasizes proper drawing order and the use of customization tools. Price: $195.00 Click here to order online


The Roof Training DVD teaches the skills you will need to create almost any roof style. The videos explain, in detail, how to create complex roof types ranging from a single floor Cape Cod-style roof to multiple floor roofs with turrets and dormers. Price: $195.00 Click here to order online


The 3D Training DVD illustrates how to create beautiful renderings of both the interior and exterior of the model.  Some of the topics covered in these lessons include site plans, lighting, material assignments, rendering options, room design, and the addition of decorative details. Price: $195.00 Click here to order online


The SoftList Training DVD explains how to customize the bill of materials. These lessons illustrate how to calculate materials, create custom formulas, use material take-offs, link with external databases, create User Defined Variables, and more. Price: $195.00 Click here to order online

Site Plan

The Site Plan Training CD demonstrates the various steps in creating a realistic site plan for a building project. These lessons illustrate how to design a property in both 2D and 3D, detailing topics such as creating a building outline, drawing property lines, entering surveyor’s coordinates, adding elevation points, generating grade lines, landscaping, creating utility easements, adding site work, and much more. Price: $195.00. Click here to order online