Key Drivers

Download the latest Key Driver for SoftPlan.

Key Exchange or Replacement

Please continue reading this page to do one of the following:

  1. Exchange a parallel key for a USB key.
  2. Exchange a physically broken key for a new key.
  3. Exchange an old key for a code which will allow access to older drawings.

This page is not for resolving any other issues besides the aforementioned concerns. It is rare that newer SoftPlan keys need be exchanged and there is typically a way to resolve the issue before exchanging the key becomes necessary.

If you are experiencing an error #709 or error #803, please email and be sure to include the error number and key number in your message.

Please email our technical support team at if you are experiencing one of the following errors:

  • #705
  • #706
  • #707
  • #712
  • #2209
  • #2212
  • #2226

The new key or code you receive will be temporarily activated for 30 days. SoftPlan will be sending you a permanent activation code as soon as we receive your old SoftPlan key(s) in our office. At the conclusion of the 30-day activation period, your new key or code will not allow you to operate SoftPlan without entering a permanent activation code.

Please return key(s) to:

SoftPlan Systems, Inc.
Attn: Key Returns
8118 Isabella Lane
Brentwood, TN 37027

Returning Key Number:


It is your responsibility to return the old SoftPlan key(s) within the 30-day activation period. SoftPlan is not responsible for keys that have not been received at a SoftPlan office. To ensure proper delivery, please send your old key(s) and completed form in a box or padded envelope. No LETTER envelopes please, as many keys are lost when sent in this type of envelope. It is recommended that keys be returned with both a tracking number and insurance. There will be a replacement charge of $895 for all keys not returned.

If you are exchanging a Version 11 key, the key being returned must be received at the US or Canadian SoftPlan offices before the replacement key can be sent. Also, replacement keys can only be shipped to the registered address.

Note: Please fill out one online form for each key that is to be exchanged or returned. This online form is for the use of customers in the US and Canada only. If you are an international user, please contact your local distributor.