SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Beams


Board Thickness options added to Beam Detail


Built-Up Beam sizes redefined to 11.25", 9.25", or 7.25".

LVL Beams, Glulam Beams and I Beam thicknesses and Depths have been updated to standard sizes.

Section Thickness options added to Beam Definition.

Controls the "ply" thickness in section.

Face Mount option added to Beam Definition.

Beams defined this way draw with no overhang.


Default Layer option added to Beam Definition.


Beams on metric drawings use the Width x Depth/ Depth x Width option when labeling beams.

Beam Labels list and round differently depending on the material composition of the beam.

Dimensional lumber is listed nominally, and engineered lumber and steel are listed with actual dimensions. 


Beam Length display includes the Projection distance.


Adjust Height to Fit to Top of Beam option added to Posts.

Pressure Treated

Pressure Treated Beams added to defaults.


Default Value type control added to Beam Projection field.


Search command added to the Draw > Beam dialog.


Inner and outer edges of the Beam are located by Snap.