SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Posts


Deflection option added to Brace.

Allows for the creation of curved supports.

Bracket option added to Brace.

Floor System Mode

Move, Adjust, Erase, Rotate and Copy added to Posts in Floor System mode.


Adjust Height to Fit to Top of Beam option added.

Finds the Top or Bottom of Beam and adjust the height of the Post. If there is no Beam the Height will change to match the bottom of Ring Joist.

Adjust Height to Fit to ... will look to the floor above to locate a beam.


Shaded option added to Post.

Brace added to the items shaded when Show Polygon Shading is selected.


Post Skirting option added, places a Profile around the base of a Post.


Stretching option added to Post definition.

Allows the post height to be changed without affecting the proportion of the capital or the base.

Type Erase

Braces added to Type Erase menu.