SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Floor System

Building Options

Footings will form correctly when two structural slabs on separate Building Options overlap and one of the Building Options containing one of the slabs is turned off

Floating Toolbar

Fillet added to Floating Toolbar in Floor System mode.

Useful when working with Slabs and Subfloors.


Draw Grill is changed to a "symbol style" draw action, select an anchor point and an orientation, a 4" x 12" Grille is placed.  This replaced the "expanding box" style draw action.


Default Insulation Depth set to 9.25".


Default Joist Depth set to 9.25".


Break Joists at Bearing Below option added.

This command looks at the drawing lower in the model, locates any bearing walls or beams, and separates the Joist Sections at those bearing lines.


Pointers are automatically added to Notes on a Generated Drawing.


Move, Adjust, Erase, Rotate and Copy added to Posts in Floor System mode.

Ring Joist

Ring Joist Number default option added to Material Dimensions options.

Ring Joist Type option added to Floor Framing.


Lines on an overlaid drawing can be snapped to when drawing and adjusting items in Floor System Mode.


Default Subfloor depth set to 3/4".