SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Move


Polygon edges with Deflections can be adjusted.

Align to Edge

Selections Sets can be relocated using the Align to Edge command.

Align to Edge can use lines from walls on overlayed drawings as the target location.

Block Move

Items will remain on grid when using Block Move while zoomed out on a drawing.

Center in Room

Center in Room works when the room's walls are different thicknesses.


In 3D Copy has the same options, Number of Copies, Distance, Equally Space Between and Multiple Placement as the Copy command in 2D.


Align to Edge & Make Parallel allows selection via an item's Extension.

Items can be moved by selecting their Extension.


If two dimensions are identically located in two different modes and one is moved the other no longer moves.


Block Move can be used to relocate an arrangement of Openings along a Wall.


Only building objects are considered when reversing a drawing.  Items such as notes and dimensions are ignored so that walls on a reversed floor plan are in the same location.

Right Click

Modify added the Right Click on an item.