SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Openings


Door opening animation ability added to 3D walkthroughs.


Andersen A series Specialty Oval windows added.

Annotated Elevations

Improvements made to placement of Opening Sizes and Opening Hinges on Annotated Elevations.

Block Move

Block Move can be used to relocate an arrangement of Openings along a Wall.


Center Opening improved for Openings in Walls defined with zero width materials.

Change Size

Change Size command added to Opening Edit, allows the next Narrower, Wider, Shorter or Taller Opening from the same library to be selected.

Cross Opening

Draw Cross Opening Solid added to Material Options > Opening Options.

When selected the "X" is replaced with a with a solid box.

Draw Select

In 3D Draw Select of an Opening replicates the Trim and Grill settings of the source opening on the new opening.

Openings can be Selected from one floor and drawn on another.

Folding Exterior Doors

Panel Count option added to Bi-Fold Door type, allowing for the creation of "nanawall" style exterior folding door systems.

Garage Doors

Grill placement on Garage Door Elevations improved when the size of the glazing section varies widely.


Custom Header Plate options added.

Allows a Plate to be placed directly Above or Below the Header.

Exterior Header Depth defaults to 9.25".

Interior Header Depth defaults to 7.25".

Openings IDs

Arch openings of different sizes are assigned different Opening IDs.

Opening Text

Mask option added to Dimension/Extension Options > Opening Options.

Pivot Doors

Pivot Swing option added to Door Components, allows for the creation of Pivot Doors.

Pocket Doors

Centering of a 2 section Pocket Door works as expected.

Panel Style Doors added.

Right Click

Change Size command added to the Right Click.

Replaces the current opening with the next wider, narrower, shorter or taller Opening from the current Library.

Round Windows

Grille Style option added to round windows.

Allows for placement of square grilles in round windows.


Combined Unit With Doors type added to Items to Include for Opening Schedules.

Combined Unit Without Doors type added to Items to Include for Opening Schedules.

Hardware Column added to Opening Schedules.

Sorted Column settings are applied as new openings are added to schedules.

Tall Doors

Tall equivalents added to the Door Libraries.

Door opening animation ability added to VR sessions.


Spacing Option added when placing a Transom above an Opening.

A single Transom is added over multiple single mulled openings.

Trapezoid Openings

Multiple Horizontal Sections option added to a single trapezoid Opening.

Opening Schedule

Glazing Area for specialty windows that contain a deflection are properly calculated.

Virtual Reality

Door opening animation ability added to VR sessions.