SoftPlan 2024 New Features: 3D

DirectX 12 Path Tracing (ray tracing) Engine

SoftPlan has significantly improved its DirectX 12 Path Tracing (ray tracing) engine.

SoftPlan now can produce clearer soft images using hardware based ray casting technology.

The maximum possible number of passes has been increased from 1000 to 20000. This allows you to reduce the noise or dots in a path traced image while retaining the soft interaction of the lights in the scene.

SoftPlan also has reduced halo's that could occur in the past when using the path tracing renderer. These halos were noticeable between the model and the background as well as around billboard images with transparent areas.

The result of this effort produces soft well-lit interiors and clean exteriors with detailed shadows.

SoftPlan's DirectX 12 Path Tracing engine is a game changer in the quality of renderings that SoftPlan can produce.

Auto Match to Texture

Auto Match to Texture command is activated via a push button. This allows Repeat Edit of the command.


The 3D texture follows the direction of a Brace.


In 3D Copy has the same options, Number of Copies, Distance, Equally Space Between and Multiple Placement as the Copy command in 2D.

DirectX 12

Path Traced DX-12 renders will not show a halo around items in the foreground.

Transparencies improved when using the DirectX12 render option.


Find in Material Tree command added to Edit Surface dialog, opens the current selection in the Material Texture Edit dialog.


Draw Select of an Opening replicates the Trim and Grill settings of the source opening on the new opening.


Rooms Names and Room Sizes automatically added to Annotated Presentation Views.

Repeat Edit

Edit of the Display option for a material repeats.


Sherwin Williams color swatches to the newest versions.

Visible Floors

Each 3D View and 3D Framing View File can have different Visible Floor settings.

This allows 3D models of individual floors or groups of floors that are different than the entire model to be modeled in 3D.

Walking Height

Walking Height options added to Setup Options to control both 3D and VR (Virtual Reality) camera height when walking around.


Door opening animation ability added to 3D walkthroughs.