SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Elevations & Sections

Block Move

Opening ID, Product Code and Opening Size can be relocated via Block Move on Annotated Elevations and Sections.

Insulated Floor Joists

Cross Sections saved as a line drawing include insulation in floor joists.

Marker Lines

Add Marker To Other Side command added to Edit of an existing Marker Line.

Default Color Configuration option added to Elevation Marker Lines.

Marker Line labels on Elevations and Sections can be formatted as Multi-Line Text.

The Marker Line label text on Elevations and Sections is masked.

Improvements made to the placement of Marker Line label and Roof Pitch labels on complicated projects.


Improvements made to placement of Opening Sizes and Opening Hinges on Annotated Elevations.

Parapet Roof

Marker Lines automatically added to the top of a roof parapet.

Section Lines

Pen override option added.


Repeat Edit of Shutters enabled on Elevations and Sections.


Text that is on top of an Annotated Elevation or Section no longer displays a "halo".