SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Plan Sets

Annotated Elevations

Custom Building Option Visibilities added to embedded Annotated views on Plan Set pages.


Plan Set Templates added to Backup and Restore.


Copy to SoftPlan Clipboard added to Plan Sets.

Paste from SoftPlan Clipboard added to Plan Sets.

Note: The copy and paste only applies from Plan Set Page to Plan Set Page. It does not apply Plan Set Page to SoftPlan Drawing.

Cropped Views

Center on Plan Set includes Cropped Views.

Cropped Polygon Views can be created around a static model image, annotated view and presentation views.

Cropped Views include a buffer to account for line and pen thicknesses.

Export PDF

Color options added to PDF Export.

Floating Toolbar

Repeat Edit added to default Floating Toolbar.


Reset Position command added to drawing and view labels.

Relocates that label back to the default position, useful when the extents of the drawing/view have changed.


If Auto Scale Notes is selected on a Plan Set the first segment of a Segmented Pointer remains horizontal.


Right Click on a Plan Set in the Navigation menu contains:

  • Save as Template
  • Open All
  • Close All


Auto Crop to Nested Region option added when placing a Drawing that contains a Nested Region into a Plan Set.


Landscape vs Portrait orientation option added to Plan Set creation.


Plan Set Label uses the Overview Notes color when Print Using Screen Colors is selected.

Repeat Edit

Items directly on a Plan Set can be changed via Repeat Edit.


Drawing Labels with Visibility options set to off are ignored by the Zoom Extents command.