SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Roof

Accent Trusses

Accent Trusses can be added to stacked or nested Dutch Gables.

Angled Roofs

Formation of Ridges and Valleys on angle roofs and angled portions of roofs improved.

Soffit placement on angled holes improved.

Bird Box

Each Bird Box on a Gable Roof can have a different Width.

Bird Box option added to Gable ends with raked Fascia.


Fascia option added to roof edge.

Places a wood fascia onto the Sub-Fascia.

Freize boards miter when the Follow Bird Box option is turned on.


Slope Entire Roof command added to Edit menu when in Roof Mode.

This takes a roof and changes it to a single sloped shed type roof over the entire roof shape.

Heel Height, Seat Cut and Butt Cut are all editable on the roof poly level but only applied to the valid (hip) edges.


The Freize under the lower roof of a Mutli-Floor Roof properly miters.

Freize added to a False Gable Roof that sits on a hole in the main roof.

Gable Ends

Clip to Ceiling option added to Gable Ends Roof Edge edit.

Gable Vent

The Gable End material properly aligns with the wall material below when a Gable Vent is added.

Hip Returns

Gutters properly added to roofs that have Hip Returns on opposite Gables on the same roof.

When the Roof sits low on a wall, Top of Plate to bottom of Facias less than 5", the formation of the Hip Returns is improved.

Gable Freize

Freize forms properly on nested Dutch Gable style roofs.

Freize forms properly on nested Gable style roofs.

Intersecting Roof Edges

Remove Intersecting Material option added to Roof Edge edit.

Removes the siding, brick or stucco from the second floor that is buried behind a roof on the first floor.

Bird Boxes are added to Intersecting Gable Ends.


If a roof has both hip and gable edges the Roof Edit dialog will list separate Hip Overhang and Gable Overhang values, if the roof does not have any Gable Edges only an Overhang value will list.

Repeat Edit

Changes to Crickets and Roof on Bays will repeat via Repeat Edit Box command.

Ridge Cap

Ridge Cap placement is improved.

This is most noticeable on angled roof sections.

Ridge Vent

Ridge Vent option added.

Rigid Frame

Rigid Frame command added, used in commercial and agricultural buildings.

Roof Framing

Roof Faming sizes (Rafter Depth, Truss Chord Sizes) are stored with the Roof. When a rafter or truss is added to a use those sizes for the newly created framing member ignoring the drawing defaults. This allows our Seat cut, Butt cut and other values to be based on something editable so a house can have different rafter thicknesses on different roofs and the seat cut value is accurate when looking at any roof without having to modify the drawing default.

Roof on Bay

Roof on Bay command improved when used on a Multiple Floor Roof.

Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards extend properly on Dutch Gable end style roofs.

Sub Fascia

Default Sub Fascia option added.


Roof Vent override options added to Roof Edge Edit dialog.