SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Roof Framing

Accent Truss

The maximum size (length) of an Accent Truss increased.

Jack Trusses

Webbing is added to Jack Trusses with an energy heel.

Framing Member Default Sizes

Hip Rafter depth default set to 7.25″

Ridge Board depth default set to 7.25″

Valley Rafter depth default set to 7.25″

Gable End Truss

If the first or last truss in a Truss Set is located near a Gable End it will automatically be set to a Gable End Truss.


Profile option added to create decorative rafter tails. 

Rafter Hanger

Rafter Hanger option added to Roof Framing members.


Purlins improved on angled roof sections.

Truss Set

Sub-Fascia can be automatically added to a Truss Set