SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Site


Create Site Border command added under Tools menu.

Convert Shape to Site Line

If the source shape for the Convert Shape to Site Line command is a polygon the Site Line will be created as a polygon.

The new Site polygon can be exploded to separate shapes if required.


If a Site object is made visible in Drawing Mode it can be edited in Drawing Mode.

Geo-location Point

Default color configuration added to Geo-location Point.

Layer option added to Geo-Location Point.

Latitude and Longitude data for Geo-location points can be entered in decimal degrees in addition to degrees/minutes/seconds.

This simplifies imports from mapping applications like Bing and Google Maps.


Adjust Size command in Site Mode allows Distance input.


Google Maps Satellite Image added.

This feature is only available to SoftPlan and SoftPlan+ subscribers.


Project Option: North Options renamed to Location and includes Geo-location Point Latitude and Longitude.


When moving an Image the vectors are visible through the image making it easier to align items.


The Form Polygon command does not change the shapes when combining a spline with a regular orthographic shape.


Pool commands added.

Repeat Edit

Arc Length added to Repeat Edit.

Arc Radius added to Repeat Edit.

Section Lines

Site Plans no longer display Section Lines by default.

Section Lines can be made visible in Site Plans via the Visible Items.

Site Lines

Arc Length added to Display and Print of radiused Site Lines.

Modify Text option added to Edit of a Site Line.

Useful when the survey provided does not completely form a closed polygon.


Site work can be drawn as spline.


Location Options added to the default Site Mode toolbar.