SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Walls

Bottom of Wall

Slope Step option added to Style option on the bottom of a wall, the bottom of the footing is sloped while the top of the footing steps. 


Search command added to the Draw > Wall dialog.


Projection Snap includes Wall Materials that are not visible in plan view.

This allows the drywall to be located.


Frieze forms properly at the corner of two different wall types.

Frieze improved when formed under one roof section but over another.

Frieze application on a False Gable with Bird Boxes improved.

Frieze eliminated when a roof intersects a wall under a roof above. 

Inset Frieze shortens the Wall Material by the Height of the Frieze.


Projection override option added to Footing edit.

Search command added to the Draw > Wall dialog.

Stud Size

Default Wall Definitions stud sizes of 7.25″, 9.25″ and 11.25″.


Default Layer option added to Walls Definition.


Stud-LVL-Insulated material type added.


Reverse Board & Batten siding profile added.


Inset Corner Board option added to Wall Definition.