SoftPlan 2024 New Features: Cabinets


Adjust available for Countertops in 2D and 3D.


End Panels added to Desk Cabinets extend to the floor by default.

End Panel

If the Replace Cabinet command is used on the last cabinet in a Cabinet Run, when placing a dishwasher for example, an End Panel is automatically placed.

Face Style

Single Panel Shaker Cabinet Face Style added.


Add Cabinet Fill command added to the Right Click on a cabinet run.

Places a fill cabinet between the end of the cabinet run and the face of the wall and sets the countertop correctly.

Preformed Countertop can be set to default on when drawing a Cabinet.


Back Panel options added to control the appearance of the back of an island.


Flat Panel faced cabinet hardware placement improved.


Customize Option added to the Position on Cabinet Legs.


Area Pricing option added allowing Doors and Drawers to be priced by the square foot.


Cabinet ID column added to Cabinet Schedules.

Cabinet Face column entries drawn rendered rather than vectored (with lines).

Face Pricing Method option added to Cabinet Schedules.

Pricing can be set to Part (by the door) or Area (by the size of the door).


Vertical Dividers option added to Cabinet Shelves.

Spacing and Offset options added to Cabinet Shelves.