SoftPlan 2014: FAQs


Will my existing SoftPlan drawings work in SoftPlan 2014?

Yes - SoftPlan drawings are forward compatible. Drawings created in an older version can be used in the current version. 

There is no reason to redraw an existing SoftPlan drawing.

Will 2014 require a new key?

No, if you are Version 14 or SoftPlan 2012 user.

Yes, if you are on Version 13 or older version.

What are the computer hardware requirements?

The recommended minimums are listed here

Please note these are recommended minimums, and that faster would be better.

I own SoftList, does my upgrade cost more?

No, when you upgrade SoftPlan all modules that you own are upgraded for the same price.

If a customer owns SoftPlan the upgrade costs the same as if they owned SoftPlan, SoftList, SoftTalk and SoftPlan reView.

If I upgrade from SoftPlan Lite to SoftPlan will I be able to use my existing drawings?

Yes - Drawing created in SoftPlan Lite can be modified in SoftPlan.

What happens to my old key when I upgrade?

If you are Version 14 or SoftPlan 2012 user you will use your existing key with SoftPlan 2014.

If you are using a Version 13 or older version your old key(s) will need to be returned.   This will take place after you have received the new SoftPlan 2014 key.

I am looking to upgrade and have multiple keys of various versions. Do they have to be upgraded in a specific order?

Yes - the main key must be upgraded first. The highest version additional key is upgraded next … the lowest version additional key would be the last key upgraded.  

How do you move System Information and Configurations from and older version into a new SoftPlan?

Transferring System Options and Library Items to a Newer Version of SoftPlan:

Backing up information from Versions 13 and newer:  

  1. Select File  ®  System Options  ® Archive.
  2. Select any of the items that you want to transfer to the new SoftPlan.
  3. Select Backup and you will be given an opportunity to select a location to save the backup information.

Note: If moving information to a different computer using a flash drive or other removable media, uncheck the Use Default box and use the Browse button to select the new location.

Backing up information from Versions 11 and 12:

  1. Select File  ®  System Options  ® Archive ® Backup
  2. Version 12 only: Select the items that you want to transfer to the new SoftPlan.
  3. Select the target drive and hit ok.

Restoring Information to SoftPlan 2012:

  1. Select File ® System Options®System Options ® Archive.
  2. Select the items to restore from the list and select Restore.
  3. Browse to find the saved location of the backup files and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: A warning message will appear. If you wish to maintain a copy of the existing files, select Maintain Existing Libraries.

How do I move my drawings or projects from an older version of SoftPlan to a newer version?

Drawings from earlier versions can be moved to a newer SoftPlan by copying folders, via windows, from the current SoftPlan folder (example SoftPlan14\Projects.spf) and pasting them into the SoftPlan folder (example SoftPlan2014\Projects.spf) folder.

How old is my SoftPlan?

SoftPlan Version Released 

2014 FEB-13
2012 NOV-10
Version 14 MAY-08 
Version 13 NOV-05
Version 12 JAN-03
Version 11 JUL-00
Version 10 JAN-98
Version 9 AUG-96