SoftPlan+: FAQs

I recently purchased SoftPlan. Do I need to subscribe to SoftPlan+?

No. The SoftPlan+ subscription is included with new program purchases up until the release of the next full version. SoftPlan+ subscriptions are for current SoftPlan owners.

If I subscribe to SoftPlan+, do I need to upgrade my SoftPlan as well?

No. The SoftPlan+ subscription includes access to the latest version of SoftPlan.

If I upgrade to the latest vesion of SoftPlan, do I also get the features of SoftPlan+?

No, but SoftPlan+ subscribers do get the latest version of SoftPlan.

I have multiple SoftPlan keys. Do I have to purchase SoftPlan+ subscriptions for all of them?

No. You do not have to subscribe all keys to SoftPlan+ but only subscribed keys will have the SoftPlan+ services available. Note: The main key must be the first key subscribed to SoftPlan+.

I have multiple SoftPlan keys. Can I update some to SoftPlan+ while updating others via a traditional upgrade?

No. All keys that are updated must be updated the same way.  You cannot subscribe to SoftPlan+ with one key while purchasing an upgrade for another key. Note: You do not have to upgrade all keys nor do you have to subscribe to SoftPlan+ with all keys.  You just can't mix the two methods.

On a Network version of SoftPlan, do all of the “seats” have to have individual SoftPlan+ subscriptions?

Yes. All active seats on the Network version will need a SoftPlan+ subscription but the subscriptions are at a lower rate.

I do not currently own SoftPlan reView. If I subscribe to SoftPlan+, do I gain access to SoftPlan reView?

Yes. The SoftPlan+ subscription includes access to SoftPlan reView.

What hours is technical support available to SoftPlan+ subscribers?

Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern.

What happens if I fail to pay the monthly SoftPlan+ subscription fee?

SoftPlan+ is a subscription service. Failure to pay will result in an unpaid account. SoftPlan will not run if an account is unpaid.

Can I cancel my monthly SoftPlan+ subscription?

Yes, at any time. If you cancel your SoftPlan+ subscription service, SoftPlan reverts to the version you used prior to you activating your SoftPlan+ subscription. Drawings are not backwards compatible; this may result in an inability to access drawings authored in a more current version.

I am a SoftPlan+ subscriber. What number do I dial to obtain technical support?

Please see the SoftPlan start page for your toll free technical support number. Note: You will be asked to verify your key number when the call is answered. If you are not a SoftPlan+ subscriber, you will be directed to the regular number to access free support.

If I cancel my SoftPlan+ subscription, what do I need to do to have it reinstated?

Contact SoftPlan sales. An activation fee will apply. 

I live outside North America. Can I subscribe to SoftPlan+?

No - SoftPlan+ subscriptions are only available in the United States and Canada.

How does a project get uploaded to the SoftPlan+ cloud server?

Projects are automatically copied to the SoftPlan+ cloud server when the project is closed (File > Close > Close Project) or when SoftPlan is exited based on the "Automatically copy to the SoftPlan+ cloud" setting. (File > Project Information). 

Can I show a client their design with reView on an iPad without an internet connection?

Yes - watch this video that explains what needs to be done.

How do I create a reView file and send it to my client using SoftPlan+?

In SoftPlan, go to File, SoftPlan+ Publish, reView. Select the Drawings and/or Panoramas that you wish to send to your client and add their email address.

Note that Panorama locations are listed based on Rooms that have been added in Room mode.

An email will be sent to the client directing them to our website where they can create a username and password and download the reView Viewer. Once installed, the client can then open the reView Viewer, enter their username and password and view the projects that were published.