Area FAQs

How do I stop the area from moving where I placed it?

Remove it from Cleanup.

Select Edit > Edit Item, select in the area polygon, and remove the check mark beside the Cleanup. The area will now be bypassed on a cleanup, allowing it to maintain the assigned position.

How do I change my settings so that the area calculates to the outside of my bearing wall?

 In Area mode, after you have calculated the area you can edit that area to measure to the Exterior Edge, Outside Bearing Edge, or Interior Edge of the walls. Select Edit > Edit Item > click in the area > place a check mark next to the appropriate Reference in the Area Dialog > OK. The area will be automatically recalculated. 

Currently the area command cleans up to the outside of a wall. How can I change to outside of a stud?

Once the area is drawn it can be edited. In the properties it can be changed to Exterior Edge, Outside Bearing Edge or Interior Edge. Then a Cleanup will set it into the correct place along the walls.