Cabinet FAQs

How do I remove the shading from cabinets?

Unselect Show Polygon shading from Options > Visible Items.

How can I remove the cabinet names?

Select Edit > Edit Item and select the cabinet. Uncheck the box in the “Show Name” field. 

How do I draw a countertop over a dishwasher?

Draw a 24” base cabinet in the dishwasher location. Edit the cabinet location and select the ‘Replace Cabinet with Symbol’ button from the Single Cabinet tab. Select the dishwasher symbol from the Kitchen library. 

How do I erase just one cabinet? When I attempt to erase one, all of the bound cabinets erase.

You must first explode the bound cabinets to have them appear as individual units. This makes it possible to erase one or more individually. To Explode the cabinet run either go to Misc > Explode and select the cabinets or place your cursor overtop of the cabinets and select Ctrl + E.

How to unbind cabinets?

Select Misc > Explode, then select the bound cabinets with a click. This will serve to unbind the cabinets back to individual cabinets. To rebind cabinets perform a Cleanup (CTRL + C). 

Is there any way to change the size of the cabinet names?

Select File > Drawing Options > Character Setup and change the size of the Cabinet Names.

How do I place Crown Molding on my cabinets?

In Interior Mode go to Draw > Crown Mold > Select the Crown Molding you wish to use. Trace the outline of the cabinet and the Crown Mold will automatically sit on top of the cabinets.