SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Dimensions

Add Text

Text can be added either beside or below a "live" Dimension.

The Dimension can be edited without modifying the accompanying text.

Arc Dimension

Dimension Arc dimensions the Radius of a Circle.


Filled Circle Arrow style added for Dimensions & Pointers.

Auto Dimension

Auto Dimension of drawings with angled walls improved.


Set Distance Between reference to countertop added.

Note: This does not change the ability to reference the cabinet.

Dimension Point

Stairs work with the Dimension Point command.

Draw Select

Select a Dimension line for Draw Select and the status bar updates with the Shape Dimension and Symbol Dimension options.

Enlarged Dimension Numbers

Locating items in close proximity to enlarged Dimension Numbers  is more intuitive.

Floor System Height

Floor System Height dimension option added to annotated Elevations and Cross Sections.


A Dimension that is moved will stay at the new location on subsequent edits, formerly it would reset to it's original location.


When editing a dimension hover over the direction arrows will preview the result of the Edit.


Shape Splines or Solid 3D Splines can no longer be dimensioned.

Round to Nearest

One Foot (1') option added.

Set Distance Between

The color of the dimension drawn when using the Set Distance Between function matches the construction color (default is red) to match other temporary dimensions.


Metric and Imperial Dimensions can be mixed on the same drawing by editing the Unit option on the Dimension Edit dialog.

Wall Joins

Joining of walls that meet on a opposing side of a wall that are very slightly offset from each other is improved.

Wall Thickness

Wall thickness Dimensions will move to the side of the wall that is unobstructed by items such as Symbols and Closet Shelves when possible.

When working in tight areas it is now easier to select items that are close to wall thickness dimensions.
Wall Thickness dimensions are more difficult to inadvertently select.

Wall Thickness Dimensions are placed outside of exterior walls.