SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Cabinets


Explode Countertop command added to the the right click menu of a cabinet that has a countertop.
It creates counter top entities for the cabinet components in the run and turns off the countertop for the cabinet run.


Additional Painted Cabinet Finishes added.


Print Pen override added to the Cabinet Run tab of the edit dialog.

Print Option for Countertops is now turned On by default.


A new Name and Path field is available that displays the includes the entire path.
The Name field displays the name only.


Placement of apron (farmer) sinks improved.


Toekicks can be completely disabled from Cabinet run edit tab.

Type Erase

"Plan View Cabinets" now labelled "Cabinets (Plan)"
"Elevation View Cabinets" now labelled "Cabinets (Elevation)"
This change places the cabinets next to each other on the dialog.