SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Wall Framing


3D Framing Visible Line view can be saved as a SoftPlan Drawing.

Lines (edges) between coplanar framing members display.

3D Framing View

Wall Strapping is extracted in 3D Framing Views.

Jack Stud

Extend Jack Above Header option added.


If an opening does not have a header framing is added over the opening.


Add Plate Above Header option added.
Used to create boxed headers.

Steel I Header Type added.


Wall Panel drawings generate a print shaded making it easier to read.


Extend Sill through Jack option added, the jack studs will be cut into 2 pieces.

Steel Studs

Steel Studs extract as "C" sections in Framing Mode and 3D Framing.


Add Stud on Flat command added. Places a new Stud parallel to the wall.