Cross Sections FAQs

Is it possible to draw insulation in a general cross section?

Select Draw > Shape > Line > from the status bar, then select the Texture pull down menu, and click on the insulation pattern to use. At the prompt, input the desired thickness followed by the fill increment. Typically a ratio of 2:1 (i.e. thickness of 10”and fill increment of 5”) will give the desired results.

Why do I seem to be missing details on my cross sections?

For speed, SoftPlan simplifies a section view to show structural components (i.e., walls, floors, roofs.). Details such as wall materials, headers, and cross bridging will appear only in a saved SoftPlan drawing. In SoftView, save the section as a SoftPlan drawing using the Save As command from the File menu. When you exit SoftView and open the drawing, all details will appear. 

Why is my roof cross section not as detailed as I thought it would be?

When selecting the section letter to generate, place a checkmark next to the background title so that items generate that fall along the cut line, as well as information in the background such as roof framing that falls beyond the cut line. 

Why does a Rotated Cross Section or Elevation take a long time to save?

This process is slower because the drawing is made up of many individual shapes and symbols that must be resaved. 

The Opening Headers appear on the Walls displayed in the Background.

The Wall Covering Material has been turned off; turn the display back on.