SoftPlan 2022 New Features: File

Drawing Templates

Drawing Templates Location option added to System Options.


Images are included in DWF file export.


Import results improved when a DWG file has identically named Layers but different visibility settings from the target SoftPlan it's being imported to.

Rotated drawings contained in Plan Sets or Multi Drawings Export in the correct orientation.


Insert of very large Image Files improved.


The current selection no longer scrolls after an operation is performed in the Navigation Tree.

Nested Drawings & Regions

Nested Regions provide a simple and convenient way to insert reference drawings and drawing regions into floor plans that often repeat layouts and other design elements, such as apartment building plans. Once created and inserted into a drawing, nested regions can then be moved, rotated, and modified to seamlessly join with existing elements on the drawing. Nested Regions also have the option to automatically sync to their sources so that they will update as changes are made to the original drawing. With only a few clicks of the mouse to create and insert Nested Regions, this new feature saves time while providing the precision needed to design complete, accurate plans.


Drawing Modes have individual control of File Overlay.

This allows one mode to display an overlay and another to not show an overlay.


Export to REScheck-Web added.


Export of SketchUp legacy formats:

SketchUp 2020
SketchUp 2019
SketchUp 2018
SketchUp 2017

added for SoftPlan+ subscribers.

Start Page

Users without SoftPlan+ subscriptions can alphabetically sort the Projects on the Start Page.

Search Projects dialog opens when the magnifying glass icon is selected.