SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Roof

Dutch Gable

Soffit and Fascia options added to the Gable section of a Dutch Gable independent of the Hip section.


Match Roof Ridge command added, this adjusts the slope of one roof, so it intersects the ridge of another roof.

Apply Valley Gable command added, the roof forms a valley at a corner between two gables.


Fascias on very low sloped roofs improved.

Fascias on Dormers with a radius roof improved.

Freize Board

When the Soffit is Raked the Frieze Board is moved up to the wall fascia intersection.

Fit to Roof

Angled walls Fit to Roof command improved.


Independent Gable Corners command added, allows the end style of a Gable Roof to be set differently on one side versus the other.

Intersecting Gable Roofs Soffit and Fascia formation improved.

Gable End construction when referenced Walls are different heights improved.

Bird Boxes improved on Gable Ends where Fascia Boards are different depths on the gable end vs the hip side.


Gutters can be added when Shadow Boards are enabled.


Radiused Roof Holes extract properly in 3D Model.

Multiple Floor Roof

Overlays no longer shared with Multiple Floor Roofs eliminating any roof cleanups required after working in other modes.


Parapet Roof tools added. The Parapet Walls are automatically placed on top of the Roof surface inline with the Walls below.


The size of the font on the automatically generated Roof Pitch indicators is controlled via the Dimension character setup.

Rounding on roofs with very shallow Roof Pitches improved.

Roof Options

Gable Corners default settings added to System/Drawing/Project Options:
Bird Box
Hip Returns

Shadow Board defaults added to System/Project/Drawing options.

Shadow Boards

Raked Fascias with Shadow Boards improved, more noticeable as the size of the Shadow Board increases.

Shed Roof Shadow Boards on the high side properly form corners.


If the gable end material is set to a profile the soffit will extend to the inside on the material.

Soffit Offset option added to move the bottom of the Soffit above the bottom of the Fascia by the specified distance.

Solar Panel

Compass Direction is factored in when determining the solar panel optimal facing.

Shed Roof

Multi-Floor Shed Roofs automatically set the high side roof edge to vertical and intersect.

Transition Board

Gable End option added to place the Freize like Transition Board between the top of the wall and the bottom of the gable.

Note: the vertical position is controlled via the new Gable Height field.


Sills can be added to Roof Vents.

Vent Count option added to the Roof Edge edit.