SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Openings

Barn Doors

A library of Exterior Barn Doors added.

Casement Window

Show Casement Swing option added to Material Dimensions > Opening Options dialog.
When selected wing direction displays in plan view.

Corner Doors

Corner Face Sliding Door type added.

Door Style

Single Panel doors added.

Gable Vents

Opening IDs can be assigned to Gable Vents.


Windows with Grilles in the top only will form properly if the thickness has been increased to 1" or more.

Diamond & Diamond Offset Grille styles added.

Grille placement of radius top windows improved.


Steel I Header Type added.


Opening IDs properly increment when some Openings in a project have their IDs disabled.


Essential & Elevate Series windows added.

Pocket Door

Pediment centers over the opening in the wall when added to a Pocket Door.

Pocket Doors center on the opening hole, not the entire pocket door.

Remove And Fill

Baseboard is continuous when Remove & Fill is enabled for a door.


The swing on a reversed unit or a single opening with a non-prehung door reverses correctly.


Window Schedule and Door Schedule commands added. Window and Door Schedules can be generated separately from each other.

Opening Header Type column added to Opening Schedules.

Units display Hinge side when the Elevation column is included in an Opening Schedule.

Top of Opening added to available columns for the Opening Schedule, lists the distance between the bottom of the wall and the top of the opening.

Units display Hinge direction, left right, in the Hinge column of the Opening Schedule.


Opening Search is enhanced to return openings that match user selected criteria such as size and style or all openings with the same rough opening.


A Height field added to Shutters, this allows the height of the shutter to be different than the height of the window.

Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Door library added to Interior Openings.

Sliding Doors

The individual sections of Sliding Doors overlap each other in 3D and Elevations.


Round and radiused Opening Trim improved so it no longer appears segmented.


Openings can be placed to span between two walls, a window with it's bottom at the top of one wall and it's top in the bottom of a wall directly above (coplanar) to it, example a window at a landing in a stairwell.