SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Decks

Joist Type

Wood I Joist Type added.


Has Overhang option added the Deck Edge edit, allows the decking to align with the ring joist.

Post Cap

Lighted Post Caps added to library.


Position Rail Align option Inside Ring Joist added.

Position Rail Align option Outside Ring Joist added.


Add Left/Right Handrail option added to edit ramp dialog.

Arrow color changed on a ramp to make it easier to see.

Ring Joist

A single Deck Ring Joist references the exterior side of a wall.

Solid Surface

Decks with a Radius Edge and a Solid Surface extract correctly.


Joist polygons Snap to the inside of a Ring Joist.


Deck Stairs and Rails that sit on or above lower decks will hide the deck lines on the lower decks.