SoftPlan 2022 New Features: SoftList


Beam ID value can be listed on a SoftList Report.


SoftList Configuration is a single dialog, combining the settings for Symbol Libraries, Cabinet Libraries, Lumber Tables, Help, External Price Tables, and Library Categories.

Groups that are collapsible added to Material Configuration, this simplifies managing the large list of materials.

Crown Mold

Calculation of Crown Molding quantity on a raked wall corrected.

Cut List

Customize Lumber Lengths option added to each Material.
These lengths are used instead of the Report Configuration's Lumber lengths.
These lengths are used for Minimize Waste and in Specify Length in the case a board is longer than the specified length.


Deck Constants Builtup and Wood removed.

Toerail Group does recognizes the selected profile Library.

Board Type check box controls to the deck group decking board component material dialog.

deck_board_type variable added.

decking_board and parting_board constants added.


If there are no errors the Error Window will not display.


Two decimal point accuracy added to Excel Export of fields that contain percentages.

External Price Table

*.xlsx files (Excel) added as a source for External Price Tables.

Google Sheets

A SoftList report exported to Excel (*.xlsx) opens correctly in Google Sheets.


Symbols added to Highlight Entities command.


joist_spacing variable added to Floor, Ceiling and Landing joist groups.

Lumber Table

Copy Existing command added when creating a new lumber table.


SoftList report tab updates instantly as the drawing is updated in another tab.

Plan Sets

SoftList Reports added to a Plan Set Page automatically regenerate as the assembled drawings in the model change.


Changes to a Report are highlighted in the Output Window.


Horizontal & vertical Grid Lines added to the Layout of a SoftList report

Undo command added to editing of saved reports.

Redo command added to editing of saved reports.

Page Breaks can be inserted into Reports.


The Room that a material is in can be listed on the SoftList report.

Useful for cabinets, plumbing and light fixtures.


ID changes made to the Symbols in the System Library update the Symbols contained in existing drawings.


Variables material_profile, profile_spacing & vertical_profile added.