SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Walls

Auto Dimension

Auto Dimension of drawings with angled walls improved.

Complex Walls

Top of Wall & Bottom of Wall options tabs added. These are used to manipulate a single wall so to have multiple heights, steps, slopes and offsets.

The image below shows just two walls, the brick wall on the main floor above the concrete wall on the foundation.

Note: Openings can be placed at the transition between wall sections of different heights and offsets.


Cover Floor options added when a Wall is placed on top of a Deck, used in screened porch applications.

End Treatment

If the outside material of the old wall and the new wall have a matching join group (siding A to siding A or Siding B) when using the Change Wall command the End Treatment will remain and not be reset.

Corner Boards extend to meet the Soffit by default when applied to a gable wall under a shed roof.


A continuous Footing is added between Wall Footings and Post Footings.

Floor System

Adjust Wall Surface to Cover Floor command improved.


Wall Definition plan preview added to System & Drawing Options menu.


Outside Corner Only option added to Material Options | Trim Options.

Ultra High Definition Monitors

Wall Definition dialog sizing improved on UHD Monitors.

Wall Definition

Graphic User Interface added to Wall Definitions setup.

Wall materials retain their Fixed setting after a Wall Definition is Exported and then Imported.

Visible Properties filter added, makes it easier to isolate a specific property for editing.

Wall Material

Material HSS, hollow steel section, added.

Stone - Faux material added.
This looks like stone but behaves as a non-bearing siding material.

Stud-LVL material added.
LVL studs are sometimes used on taller cabinet walls.

Wall Ends

If a Wall is defined with same innermost and outermost material that material will wrap around an exposed end of the wall.

Wall Type

Safeguards put in to protect Wall Definitions as they are introduced into a drawing via Merge or Copy/Paste.

2 Hour Fire Wall (Part Wall) type added to default Extended wall list.