SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Plan Sets


Align With Another Drawing command added to the Right Click.
Lines up the selected drawing with a drawing on a different Plan Set Page.
This is a great way to line up the basement, first, and second floors across three different pages.

Center on Page command added to Right Click.
Positions current drawing to the middle of the Plan Set Page.

3D Views

Labels can be automatically added when 3D View Files are placed on a Plan Set sheet.

Regenerate All on Page command added to the right click of an existing View on a Plan Set Page.

Block Move

Block Move added to Plan Sets.


Copy option available when adding a new Page to a Plan Set.

Drawings can be copied on an existing Plan Set Page.

Crop View

Rotated Plan Sets with cropped views improved.

Adjust Crop View command added.

Reset Crop View command added.

Draw Crop View as a Polygon command added.

Drag & Drop

Image files and PDF files can be added directly to Plan Sets via Drag and Drop.

Multiple Image files can be added at once via Drag and Drop.


Open All command added.

Note: This is a very quick way to open up many drawings. The more drawings open on a system the poorer the system performance.

Close All command added.


Annotated Views on a plan set page relocates both the model and the annotations.

Performance improved when moving Site Plans with large numbers of Shot Points on a Plan Set.


Use of Invalid Characters is prevented in the Plan Set name in the Add Plan Set dialog.

Renaming a Plan Set while the Plans Set is open functions properly.

Drawings Per Page

Option added to automatically divide the page to aid in adding 1,2,3 or 4 Drawings to a Plan Set Page.
The drawings will be added centered within the selected division taking the title block into consideration if present.


Edit and Add Page controls added to the Plan Set section of the Navigation dialog.


Export Pages Individually option added to Plan Set PDF Export.


1" = 1' default Scale has been added.

Sheet Size

ARCH E1 added to default sheet size list.


Floating Toolbar on a Plan Set Page can be customized.