SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Ceilings

Apply Roof Slope

Apply Roof Slope command added to Right Click, when selected the shape of the selected ceiling will automatically match the shape of the roof above.

Auto Trace Ceiling

Walls under 6' tall, such as those around a stair, will be ignored when placing a Ceiling via the Auto Ceiling command.

Beams are located and reference by Auto Trace Ceiling command.

Useful when adding porch ceilings. 


Vertical Ceiling edges extract the drywall with a thickness.


Hole cutting for recessed lights on sloped ceilings improved.


Joist polygons can now snap to the inside of a Ring Joist.


Ceiling Strapping extracts in the model displaying in 3D and Section.


Adding a 45 degree Tray Ceiling easier, a new profile was added.


Ceiling Options accessible directly from the default Ceiling Mode toolbar.


Ceiling Trusses have the same controls as Accent Trusses.