SoftPlan 2022 New Features: 3D

360 Photo

Time Estimate added, displays the estimated time to complete the 360 degree photo when Ray Tracing in on.


Skybox Background option added.

Places the 3d model within the rendered cube.


The texture on sloped beams follows the slope of the beam.


Walk Mode option added. When selected the Camera moves at eye level as the model is navigated, mimics walking through the house. When off the Camera moves where it is pointed.


Double Left mouse click acts as an item Edit when in 3D.


Light Brightness is measured in Lumens and Temperature is measured in Kelin.


PPG Paint added to Paint Swatches.

Pause | Resume

A Pause/Resume command has been added to 3D generation.

Physically Based Rendering

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) mode properties added. “Roughness” and “Metalness” added to the material edit lighting properties. When we edit the material in a PBR mode, show the PBR properties instead of the traditional diffuse, specular properties.


Export to SketchUp improved.


Profiles are continuous when walls are stacked on top of each other or as the wall material extends into the gable end of a roof.