SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Notes


Filled Circle Arrow style added for Dimensions & Pointers.

Framing Schedules

Dimension format defaults can be changed at Project & Drawing options level in addition to at the System Level.


If a Note is Masked the Pointer is excluded.


Author Field added to Revisions.


Highlight added to Note Schedules, the currently selected item in a schedule displays highlighted on the drawing allowing items to be more quickly located.

Formatting and names of the title and headers remain unchanged when doing any sort of regenerate other than completely removing the field and then adding the field back in.

Column Totals option added to Schedules.

Finish Column option for Baseboard, Tray, Crown Mold & Chair Rail added to Room Finish Schedules.

Word Wrap option added to Columns in Schedules.


Double Arrowhead Underline styles added.

Visible Items

Keynote Schedule added to Visible Items.