SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Miscellaneous

Distance Entry fields

When adding mathematical calculations to distance entry fields auto scroll horizontally when the equation moves past the end of the edit box.

Drawing Action

The currently selected drawing action is maintained from tab to tab.

Copy to SoftPlan Clipboard

Copy to SoftPlan Clipboard added on Right Mouse Click. Used to quickly copy single items from one drawing to another.

Quick Launch

Type into the Quick Launch search box to returns a list of likely commands.
The commands launch when selected from the list.

Right Mouse Click

Active Action added to Right Mouse Click, useful as a tiebreaker when multiple items are located within the locate tolerance.

Selection Set

When entities on a drawing are added to Select Set the Ribbon menu displays all the commands applicable to the items in the current selection set.


Projection Snap indicates the snap type of the source: triangle, mid point, box, end point ...

Midpoint of total length of Wall, independent of openings or intersecting walls, added.


Opacity added to all Solids in 2D.


Drawing actions are maintained while switching from 1 tab to another.

Example: if Move was being used on the Main Floor, Move would still be the current command on the Second Floor.

Toolbar Highlight

Bitmap highlights added to toolbars.


Rotate Polygon Edge command added.

Visible Items

Default Visible Items configuration added to Project Options.

Option added to save Drawing level Visibility Options "up" to the Project level and Project level Visibility Options "up" to the System level.

Zoom Speed

Annotated View (Elevations, Sections, Interior Elevations) Zoom speed increased.

Zoom Extent & Zoom Workspace

If objects exist outside of the workspace the zoom will extend past the workspace so those objects are displayed.