SoftPlan 2022 New Features: Railings


Railing Post corners and mid points can be selected by the Adjust action.


Rail Alignment option added to Railing Definition this allows specification of a default rail alignment, offset and direction.

Bottom Post

Position option for the placement of the Bottom Post added to the Railing edit.

Bottom Post on Stair Position options As Drawn, Floor, Bottom Tread available.

Deck Stairs

Railing placement & adjustment on angled Deck Stairs improved.


Handrail and Guardrail are separate entries on the Draw Menu for both Decks and Stairs.
Handrails slope and are parallel to the stringer on a stair.
Guardrails do not slope and are parallel with the floor.

End Options

Wall Return options added to the end of railings.

End Post

When drawing a rail that ends at an existing post (column) a half post is not added by default.


Gooseneck transitions added.

Grab Rail

Grabrail type added to the railing definition.

Railings with Grabrails as part of the definition include/exclude the definition per railing section.

Grabrails added to the default deck railing definitions.

Handrails & Toerails

Multiple component assemblies can be used to create Handrails and Toerails.

Intermediate Posts

Options added to Railing Options to control presence and spacing (Max Post Spacing) of Mid Posts by default.

Newel Posts

New Box Newel Posts added.


Railing Part Frame added.
This is a fixed material that when placed in the top half of the rail material assembly positions itself like the Handrail material, when placed in the bottom half it positions like the Toerail material.


Two Posts style added, used on outside corners when the posts are fastened to the outside of the Ring Joist.

Railing Posts can be linked to a Symbol.

Posts are edited directly.
To change a Posts properties select the Post, or in the case of no post, the end of the rail.

This simplifies the Railing edit dialog.

Post Height options added:
As Defined - value comes from the Railing Definition
Under Handrail - automatically adjusts height so the Handrail extends over the Post
Custom - user override


Vertical Spindles separate Width and Thickness values added; this allows "boards" to be used as Spindles.

Spindles can be linked to 3D models (DWG, DXF, SKP ...).

New Spindle library added, contains 3D symbols.

Stair Rail

Bottom Post For Stair Rail options moved from Finishing Options > Railing Options" to Material Dimensions > Railing Options.


Each segment of a Railing has independent control over the presence of the toerail, formerly railing sections would have to be drawn separately.