Floor System FAQs

How do I adjust individual joists once the entire set has been drawn in?

Select Misc > Explode and choose the Joist Set. This will break the set up into individual members that can then be moved, edited and adjusted.

I made changes to the floor system in Floor System mode and the elevation offsets of the walls did not change.

When components are added or modified in Floor System mode, a cleanup (Misc > Cleanup or Ctrl + C) is required in Floor System mode to change the offset of any walls that should be affected.

How can I hang my floor joists so that the tops of the joists are equal with the top of the sill plate?

First, draw in the Sill Plate and Subfloor and then run a Cleanup. This will place the Subfloor on top of the Sill Plate. Next, draw in the joists using Joist Set or Joist Poly. Once drawn, and prior to running a Cleanup, edit each joist set and remove the checkmark from the Cleanup. This will stop the joists from cleaning up to the outside of the sill plate. While still in the edit menu, change the level number so that the joists are identified differently from the other floor system components. Then enter the appropriate offset down for the joist; the offset will be equal to the joist depth minus the sill plate depth.

How do I change the orientation of a Joist Poly?

The reference edge for a Joist Poly is indicated with a solid green triangle. To change the direction of joists, use the Edit Item command. Click the edge you want the joists to run parallel to and check the item Reference Edge.

How do I create a brick ledge in a slab?

Draw a Structural Slab in Floor System mode. To create the brick ledge, select Edit Item and click on the slab edge. Select the option ‘Recess Wall Above’ and enter the required depth. In addition, select ‘Recess Surface Only’ which will create the drop down for the brick surface of the wall from the outer edge of the slab.

How do I create an exterior concrete landing?

In Floor System mode, draw the concrete slab. In order to offset this floor system up, you will need to edit the slab. Version 13 automatically assigns a different Level number, so simply enter the offset for the slab. Keep in mind that the offset is to the bottom of slab.

When placing joists on the main floor plan, how do I locate where the beams are in the basement plan below?

Within Floor System mode, select Draw > Overlay and select the basement floor plan. A dotted outline of the walls, beams and posts will be onscreen allowing you to accurately place your floor system.

How do I offset the garage slab separately from the basement slab?

After you have traced in the garage slab, select Edit > Edit Item and select the Slab. A Slab menu will be opened. Version 13 will automatically assign different Level numbers to each floor system component. Input the desired offset for the garage slab.

On what floor plan should I put my floor systems?

Floor systems are to be drawn on the floor that they support. Typically, a basement plan would have a slab, the main floor plan would have the ring + plate + sub floor + joists and the second floor would have ring + subfloor + joists. 

Do I place the sill plate on the foundation or main floor plan?

The floor system is placed on the floor plan it supports. The mud sill, or sill plate as it is called in SoftPlan, would be placed on the Main Floor Plan.

When I perform a cleanup, my joist sets are aligning at the same position rather than staggering. How do I correct this?

When you run a Cleanup each joist set is re-calculating its spacing from the same edge. To stagger the joists when in Floor System mode, Edit the adjoining Joist Sets, and check Stagger. Then perform a Cleanup. This will automatically stagger the joist sets one joist thickness towards the reference edge.

When a cleanup is run, what determines where the floor system items, ring joist, sill plate and sub floor will cleanup to?

The Cleanup will set these three items to align with the outside of the outermost bearing material on the wall above; typically the stud. If however, it is desired to have them cleaned up to say the outside of the sheathing, then through the wall definition menu, it would be necessary to modify the sheathing material to be bearing.

In Floor System mode there is an item called a “Ring Joist”. What is a ring joist?

"Ring Joist" is one name for the board that runs around the exterior of a Floor System. This is also commonly called a Band or Rim joist.

How do I add a double Sill Plate?

In Floor System Mode, edit the sill plate and change the number from 1 to 2.

Is there a way to add drywall to a hole in a floor system or ceiling system?

Edit the hole and select the 'Add Drywall' option.