Note FAQs

I am missing my SoftPlan fonts. How can I get them installed?

Download SoftPlan Font Installer Restart your computer and the SoftPlan Fonts should now show.

How do I change the size of text being used for various note types?

From within the drawing, select File > System/ Drawing Options > Character Setup. Here you may change the value located under the various headings. 

How do I Cut and Paste text from a Word document into SoftPlan?

From Word, hi-light the text, then hover your cursor over the hi-lighted text and click the right mouse key. From the menu that opens, select Copy. From within SoftPlan, select Notes > Detail/Overview > select the start point of where note is to read from, and the direction note is to read, then select the right mouse key on the white text editor box. From the menu, select Paste. 

How can I add a degree sign or a diameter symbol to a note?

This information is located for all fonts in the Character Map which can be found from the Desktop by selecting: Start > (All) Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. By selecting the font you wish to use and then a character in that font it will show in the lower right corner what the keystrokes are. As an example, when using the SPHand font in a note the keystrokes for the degree symbol are Alt+0176 and for the diameter symbol, Alt+0248.

What if I have enlarged my fonts in the Character Setup but some of my notes did not update to the new size?

These notes have likely been set to a Custom Size. To have these notes use the default settings, select Edit> Edit Item and set the Font to Default. Use the Edit > Repeat Edit or Repeat Edit (Box) or Repeat Edit (Poly) and select other notes to also update them. There is an option under Notes > Review. This will list all of the notes on the open drawing. The default box can be checked for each note. The default will revert to the settings defined in the Character Setup.

How do I get notes to display in other modes instead of just Drawing mode?

Edit a note and there is an option to Display in all Modes, Overview notes have this selected by default. Detail notes will display in the mode that they are added to the drawing in and do not have Display in All Modes selected by default. 

How do I import a table or file from Excel?