Shapes FAQs

How do I draw a thicker line?

Upon selecting Draw > Shape > Line, you will be able to move your cursor to the status bar at the top of the screen and change the texture. Click on the arrow to open available textures and select the thicker black texture. On selection of this, you will be prompted to input the thickness.
If the line is already drawn, Edit > Edit Item the line, open the texture box and select the thick black line texture. You will then be able to input a thickness for the line in the width field.

How do I fill a circle solid?

Select Draw > Paint > Solid.
Select Edit > Edit Item > click on the circle. Enable the Appearance – Texture to the solid black pattern. 

How do I ensure that a line is starting at the endpoint of an existing line?

Under the Tools menu, enable the Snap option (F11). This allows you to easily locate and align basic shapes with the nearest endpoint, midpoint, intersection, tangent, center or perpendicular to a line or shape.