Site FAQs

What is the easiest way to draw the easements on a site so they are parallel to the property lines?

Select Tools > Offset and click on the existing property line. Move your cursor to the side of the line that the easement is to be placed on, and click. At the menu prompt enter in the distance to offset the copy of that line, and number of copies to be one. Finally, edit the copied property line and change its type to easement.

Using the “Enter Surveyors Coordinates,” my site lines will not draw?

After keying in the bearing and line length with the feet indicator, you must hit enter from the keyboard before selecting the next field to continue on.  

How do I calculate the area of my site plan?

Once the Property polygon has been drawn, simply Edit > Edit Item and select the polygon. It should display the area of the property. If not then the Form Polygon (Edit > Form Polygon) command needs to be used. Left click on the edges and right click to end.

In site mode I need to measure angles relative to 360 degrees rather than quadrants. How do I do this?

Select File > Drawing Options > Site Options > and remove the checkmark beside the "Indicate Angle Quadrants".

What if the site plan will not fit inside the workspace?

To increase the workspace, select File > Drawing Options > Workspace Limit and input the desired size.

Within the Site Mode, is there any way to remove the line running between the ends of the Arc?

Edit Item the Arc, and turn off the visibility of the Arc Chord.

How do I keep the site bearings from changing when I rotate my site plan?

Use the Edit > Direction of North command available in Site Mode. This command will allow you to adjust the bearings of North and select to rotate the drawing objects to match. This will rotate the Site plan without changing the site line bearings.

What is a Vertex Point and how is it different from a Shot Point?

A Vertex Point is a type of Shot Point generated by the program where two grade lines meet. Elevation shot points can be added anywhere by going to
Draw>Grade>Shot Point, or automatically generate at the end of a grade line.

Both Vertex Points and Shot Points will slope a Site Polygon in 3D.