Keys FAQs

What do I do when I get the message “Your activation period for SoftPlan is about to expire. If you do not arrange for additional activation time the program will expire in X days”?

Make sure you computer is connected to the internet.  Restart SoftPlan.  If this doe not work please contact SoftPlan Technical Support.

I copied SoftPlan from one system to another, and now I get the message “The SoftPlan key device driver has not been installed on this system.” What should I do?

It is recommended that you run a new install of the program so that the Key Driver is properly loaded onto the system and registered in the Windows startup files. Once this is done, both the copied version and the new install will be able to recognize the key. You may then delete the second install and simply use your copied SoftPlan install. 

Can I eliminate the need to have the Version 10 key installed in order to open Version 10 and earlier drawings in the newer Version?

Yes - You can return the Version 10 key to SoftPlan for a code that will allow you to open Version 10 drawings in Version 13 without need for the Version 10 key. Please click here for more information or to return your Version 10 parallel port key(s). Please note that by choosing this option, you will no longer be able to open Version 10 and earlier SoftPlan programs. 

When I try to open Version 10 or earlier drawings in my current version I get a message that says “Version 10.2 (or earlier) SoftPlan key driver has not been installed.” What do I do?

You can download and install the Version 10 key driver from the Version CD. Place both version 10 and the current version keys on the computer. Insert the current version CD. Launch the CD. Select Utilities > Install Version 10 Key Driver. After the installation is completed, restart your computer. You can also download the Activator Key Driver from the SoftPlan web site. See Version 11 information above for the steps involved. 

I have physically broken my key what do I need to do?

The broken key must be returned to SoftPlan, and a replacement key will be sent out for a nominal charge.

I am getting the following error when I start SoftPlan: Error 711: “The system clock on your computer has been incorrectly modified. To correct this problem, you must correct your system clock and contact SoftPlan Systems for a reset code.”

This error is typically caused by moving the key between two systems with different system clock settings when installing to the system with the earlier time. To correct, determine the time difference between the systems, remove the key and wait for the time difference or longer to pass before installing the key again. To avoid this in the future, ensure that the system clocks are matched prior to installing the key on multiple computers.