Stair FAQs

What is the easiest way to create a 90-degree staircase?

1. Select Draw > Stair > Angled.
2. Highlight one of the Library stairs that best suits the design.
3. Position the cursor on screen and first click to place the bottom end of the stair
4. Move the cursor in the direction to draw the stair run and click to place the Stair symbol. The stair can then be edited by selecting its components in order to change the design. 

Does the stair tread depth include the nosing depth?

No. The tread depth is face of riser to face of riser. 

I can’t see any volutes on my Stairs?

Edit > Edit item > select the Stair > make certain that under Nosing 'Include Nosing' is selected.

How do I make my railing spindles run horizontal like cable instead of vertical?

Edit the Railing and under the Spindles section, select the Horizontal option. Use a Round profile from the Handrail profile library and reduce its width as necessary to represent the diameter of a cable.

How do I use the Stair Head clearance hole command?

How do I create a Railing with 2 different types of Spindles?