Symbol FAQs

Why are my symbols printing solid?

Several symbols have been defined with a solid paint fill to allow the symbols to be more visible in Room mode. The paint in the symbols can be made visible by selecting Options > Visible Items and checking the option Paint in Symbols, found under the Drawing Items group. When the Paint in Symbols is made visible it will print with the default print pen for paint. To stop Paint in Symbols from printing, turn off its visibility for the mode you are printing from.

I have created a new sink symbol, but I can see the countertop through it in 3D. Why?

This is an option in the configure symbol window. Please go to File > System Library then locate and edit your symbol. To the left of the Available Symbols box please locate and enable the "Cuts Countertop" option.

Why when drawing symbols does it takes a while for the 3D preview to display in the Draw Symbol Dialog Box?

The first time a symbol is displayed on a system the 3D preview is generated and stored. Once a symbol preview is generated subsequent previews will be instant. Note the higher the number of surfaces in the symbol the longer it will take to generate the initial 3D preview.

How do I specify a print pen for Symbols?

Symbols utilize the pens assigned to each of the individual shapes used to make up the symbol. To change the pen settings for an existing symbol, explode the symbol, Edit (and Repeat Edit) the pen assignments for the shapes and add the Symbol back into a Symbol Library. This allows symbols to utilize multiple pens rather than a single pen.

How do I ensure that my symbols and cabinets are always drawn in the correct orientation?

Library items such as cabinets and symbols are always assumed to draw form the back to the front, or put differently; when viewing in the symbol preview, the first mouse click represents the bottom of the preview and the second mouse click represents the top of the symbol in preview.

On plumbing symbols, how to I indicate the drain locations so that I can see them in Floor System mode?

Drain locations in plumbing symbols are indicated by placing a Construction Point, ctrl + Right Mouse Click (or Tools > Construction Point), where the drain is located. When the Symbol is added to the Symbol Library, the construction point will disappear. When the Symbol is added to a drawing and the drawing is taken into Floor System Mode, the green reference point indicating the drain location will appear.

When I am drawing or previewing symbols, it seems to take a while as I move from symbol to symbol. Can anything be done to speed this up?

The first time a symbol is previewed a raster file it is being generated and added to you system, so subsequent previews should be instant.