SoftPlan 2016 New Features: Walkthroughs

Walkthrough Animations

With this release, SoftPlan introduces a new feature that allows you to create custom walkthrough animations by capturing camera movements you make in the 3D model or in one of SoftPlan’s various 3D views.

These walkthroughs are easy to create, easy to modify and easy to distribute.

Create compelling videos for your clients or prospective clients.

SoftPlan automatically adjusts the views so you walk up or down stairs.

Each recorded movement becomes a frame on the timeline, building an animation that can be played back and saved. Add, remove, or modify frames using the timeline’s editing tools and output settings to create detailed walkthrough presentations.




One of the most problematic concerns for anyone trying to move or share a computer animation is the enormous file size. If you are a SoftPlan+ subscriber, SoftPlan allows you to add a title and description to an animation video and then upload it directly to YouTube to share with your colleagues and clients.

* YouTube Export is only available to SoftPlan+ subscribers.


  1. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have been a long time SoftPlan user(vrs8) and 3Ds are a huge part of my design services and this by far is the most impressive addition that SoftPlan has added to its already amazing design software package. Again Thank You!

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