SoftPlan for Kitchen Design

SoftPlan’s versatile drawing and editing tools make it easy to update existing kitchen plans or create brand new ones that will meet and surpass your clients’ needs. With SoftPlan’s cabinet configuration, select layouts from preassembled cabinet types or customize dimensions, parts, and face styles to build cabinetry of your own design. From custom countertops to crown molding, the cabinet functionality offers a great amount of detail for you to craft the perfect cabinet arrangement.

Using SoftPlan’s vast symbol and material libraries, you will be able to add appliances, sinks, lights, furniture and surfaces such as marble countertops and tiled backsplashes that will generate in breathtaking 3D. SoftPlan’s libraries also offer thousands of realistic manufacturer symbols that make it possible to realize any dream kitchen design.

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"We have used Softplan extensively for cabinet design. We have been selling cabinets for some time and find the Softplan cabinet design tools to work well. If there is not a "stock" cabinet in the Softplan Library we will design one to meet our customers specs."

Carla & Steve Farnam Missoula, MT

Kitchen Design in SoftPlan

Kitchen Design in SoftPlan | watch the creation of a custom kitchen in SoftPlan


  1. I just downloaded the trial version of Premium from your site and one of our suppliers is Kitchencraft but the catalogue didn’t show up – is there a reason why??

  2. Does your basic Softplan program in the features for the kitchen and remodel program or are they an additional cost?

    • The full SoftPlan contains all the remodel and kitchen features at no additional cost. SoftPlan remodel contains all those features but is limited to a single floor for $985.

  3. I have a small Kitchen/Bath remodeling business. I want to see how you can help me improve the quality of my presentations to clients with computer generated pics. I do not have a large budget for software. My current program is ancient…but sumple. Look forward to hearing from you.
    I currently purchase most cabinets from Cabinet Corp. Do you support them with their products for insertion into your program?
    thanks very much.
    Greg Martin

    • Mr. Martin,

      We’re about to release a new SoftPlan configuration that will probably fit your needs, and will certainly fit your budget. It’s called SoftPlan Remodel, and is aimed at the customer who’s looking to do Kitchen and Bath remodels, as well as extended type design to other parts of the house, including decks, sunrooms, and additions. The graphics and renderings will be the same as our full system, meaning that you will be able to show your clients photographic quality images, as well as walk-throughs. We should note that you’ll also have the ability to email the design and renderings to your clients, so that they can view them on an iPad (or any iOS device), an Android, or even a typical computer. Your clients will love the reView module, and you’ll see your designs more easily turn to sales. Learn more about review here:

      Priced at just $995 plus $15 for UPS shipping, the Remodel version will be the perfect answer for a lot of our customers. There are, obviously, some differences between the Remodel and Pro configurations, with the largest of those being that the Remodel version is restricted to one floor, and does not have the ability to utilize layers or building options. For what you’re doing, those are likely not issues. You can read more specifics about the Remodel version on our website at

      Regarding Cabinet Corp, we do not currently have them as one of our manufacturers, but you would be able to create them within SoftPlan, or import them into the SoftPlan Remodel. It’s a little effort, but a simple process that our tech staff can assist you with. We can also take a look at adding them into our preloaded manufacturers list at some point, as that’s something we’re always expanding. We would be glad to reach out to the manufacturer to see if they’re willing to let us create a catalogue for them.

      We should also note that if, at some point in the future, you decide to transition into total home design, the Remodel program you buy will always retain its $995 value. Plainly, you can always move to the Pro and use Remodel as a $995 credit.

      We plan on releasing Remodel within the next month, and we’re already taking pre-orders, in the event that you’re interested in being one of our first customers as we ship the new configuration. The ease of use and renderings are as incredible as the full version, and the price is better than anything else on the market.

      Thanks for giving us a look, and feel free to let our sales staff know if you have any further questions. They can be reached at or by calling 800-248-0164.

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