SoftPlan 2018 | FAQ

Do SoftPlan+ subscribers need to do anything in order to make sure they receive the SoftPlan 2018 upgrade?

No, SoftPlan will automatically send all SoftPlan+ subscribers a link to the software installation.

Please make sure the address we have on file is current.

Will my existing SoftPlan drawings work in SoftPlan 2018?

Yes - SoftPlan drawings are forward compatible. Drawings created in an older version can be used in the current version.

There is no reason to redraw an existing SoftPlan drawing.

Will 2018 require a new key?

No, if you are Version 14, SoftPlan 2012, SoftPlan 2014, SoftPlan 2016 user or a SoftPlan+ subscriber.

Yes, if you are on Version 13 or older version.

Note: A new micro key (much smaller in size) is available for 2018 but it will NOT run older versions.  An exchange fee will apply for existing users wishing to switch to the new micro key.  

What are the computer hardware requirements?

The recommended minimums are listed here

Please note these are recommended minimums, and that faster would be better.

I own SoftList, does my upgrade cost more?

No, when you upgrade SoftPlan all modules that you own are upgraded for the same price.

If a customer owns SoftPlan the upgrade costs the same as if they owned SoftPlan, SoftList, SoftTalk and SoftPlan reView.

Note: SoftList is all new for 2018.

I am looking to upgrade and have multiple keys of various versions. Do they have to be upgraded in a specific order?

Yes - the main key must be upgraded first. The highest version additional key is upgraded next … the lowest version additional key would be the last key upgraded.

How old is my SoftPlan?

SoftPlan 2018 released March 2017
SoftPlan 2016 released February 2015
SoftPlan 2014 released February 2013
SoftPlan 2012 released November 2010
SoftPlan Version 14 released May 2008
SoftPlan Version 13 released November 2005
SoftPlan Version 12 released January 2003
SoftPlan Version 11 released July 2000
SoftPlan Version 10 released January 1998
SoftPlan Version 9 released August 1996


  1. Still no update on tiny icons on 4k monitors! Even with icons set to large toolbar they still appear very small on 4k monitors.
    Talked to tech support and still no remedy.


  2. Sorry I should have been more specific!

    The issue with 4K monitors is the icon size being extremely small (at high resolutions)
    Are you able to increase the drawing icon sizes on the softplan desktop? Menu bar etc.

    Thanks again.


    • Not directly – the point cloud would need to be interpreted by the another piece of software (typically comes with the scanner) the output file, DXF DWG SKP … could then be imported into SoftPlan. Please note that the surfaces in the imported file would not be aware of what type of object they represent.

  3. Can softplan 2018
    1-Open point cloud file from 3d scanner and extract the cad file?
    2- Dose soft plan 2018 work with android OR MAC platform?

  4. How about an updated manual or better help search system? It takes forever sometimes looking for help in help section

    • The direction is certainly towards more online documentation and video so a return to the 800 plus page printed reference guild seems unlikely. The performance of the online help should be almost instant, it is here. Please reach out to the support department and see if they can figure out why you are experiencing difficulty.

      • Here’s the thing: I’ve been using, like lots of other Softplan clients, Softplan since 1990. When all you do is “produce” in the software dealing with getting the most out of the latest versions is not easy when you are in a production environment. A “delta” book or features details would be assistive. I know I don’t use a lot of the latest features right or the software fully because I either don’t know about them or using them at a higher level is not easy when production is your focus. You revert to what you know. I need help getting caught up with all the features of the latest versions so I am getting the most out of the software.

  5. Hello Admin,

    What is the cost to exchange a hardware key for your micro key for Softplan 2018?

    Thank you


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