Whats New | 2018.4.7

Cabinet Face Layout – Specialty Libraries

Specialty folders that contain atypical cabinet face layouts have been added to the Standard, Tall, Vanity, and Wall face layout libraries

Live Cabinet Schedules – Highlight Entities

Changes have been made to ensure that selecting cabinets on a live cabinet schedule correctly highlights the associated entities on the drawing

Interior Elevations – Kitchen Symbol Extraction

Changes have been made to ensure that range hood symbols extract correctly in interior elevations

SoftList Export – Layout Headers & Footers

SoftList reports with headers and/or footers that exceed 255 characters will prompt a warning message when exported to Excel. This warning message informs the user that the header and/or footer will be truncated in the exported report

Cabinet Symbols – Dura Supreme/Crestwood

Crestwood tall cabinets have been added to the Manufacturer/Dura Supreme cabinet library

Generate Drawing – Roof Framing

Changes have been made to ensure that outriggers generate in the correct location and at the correct length when the Generate Drawing command is used to generate a roof framing drawing

3D – Clip Beam to Roof

A Clip Beam to Roof option has been added to the Edit menu for Beams

Notes:Beams are clipped to roofs by default


  1. As soon as I updated to this version my mouse started reacting differently. It now is difficult to do double clicks. I want to single click to add items but keep selecting other items unintentionally(like a double click) why is this happening?

  2. Please allow layers to be sorted in the same manner as building options. With subcategories that you can switch on or off.

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